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Welcome to WonderClub's complaint division. Nowadays, big companies have started to ignore the complaints of little guys like you and me. In order to get businesses to change their ways, we need to log our complaints so that everyone can see what has happened to us.
As a single person we have little power, but as an aggregate we have immense power. This is your chance to be heard. We want to hear your complaints about anything that has ever upset you. If you went to McDonald's and the cashier was rude to you or if you went to the movies and the popcorn was cold, we want to hear about it.
We will list your letters on our site and we will respond to them. By lodging your complaints online others will be able to see what happened to you and you can help them. Also, you will be able to see what has happened to others and you can protect yourself with this information.

Please e-mail your complaints to [email protected]

Here is a list of complaints received thus far:
Melissa Berghello is a Thief
Canada Post Places Canadian Merchants at an Unfair Disadvantage
PayPal is Breaking the Law by Contravening the North American Free Trade Agreement
Why I Dislike eBay
Impeach Barack Obama
Clinique Santé Voyage
Nu-Co: Poor Window Installation
Mini-Mod Pointe Claire
UPS (United Parcel Service)
Verti Store - Guaranteed Lowest Price
Cabanon Express - Purchase Order often includes jobs not actually performed
Silver - The 15% Commission Rip-Off
Bureau en Gros - Many managers don't understand their clientele
Canadian Tire - Non-Compliance with Advertised Price
QVC Shopping Channel - Laptop Battery
McDonald's - Florida
McDonald's Taiwan
McDonald's Drive-Thru Canada

WonderClub has started a new consumer protection assistance program. You can call us toll-free at (866) 966-3226 and let us know your complaint. We will then assist you in writing a letter to the business that you are complaining about. We charge $0.75 per minute for this service, as well as a $1.99 activation fee. We can only accept Visa and Mastercard at this time.

Here is a basic outline which can help guide you in writing a letter of complaint.

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