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Sean Ross
46, Rue De Shediac
Kirkland, Quebec
H9J 2J9

(514) 697-0060

February 1, 2007

Nu-Co Plus Inc
Attn: Abraham Katz (a.k.a. Abe Trachtenberg)
4664 Lake
Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC H9G 1G8
(514) 620-1335

Dear Nu-Co,

On Oct. 18, 2006 your company installed brand new windows in the second floor of my home at 46, rue de Shediac in Kirkland.

On December 1st, there was a long-lasting rain storm and water came pouring in around the window that you installed in the upstairs hall of our house. Water came pouring down the wall into the entrance of our first floor and then into our basement causing quite a bit of damage to the walls, the floors, and the ceilings. We have taken several photographs and videotaped the water coming in.

Starting in early January we have noticed leaking around three other windows that you installed. The wood around one of these windows is turning yellow due to the water damage.

We have tried to contact you many times at the phone numbers listed on your contract, namely (514) 591-6259, (514) 620-1335, (514) 696-6960, and (514) 744-5485. We never receive an answer at any of these phone numbers.

It is imperative that you return to our house and repair the windows so that they no longer leak, and that you repair the damage caused by these problems. If you cannot come by February 19, 2007, I will be forced to call another contractor to get the work done. I will then send you the bill for the work that he was required to do in order to repair the damage that has been caused.


Sean Ross

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