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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Wonderclub?

Wonderclub is an online retailer selling many collectible products such as rare magazines, comic books, books, posters, photographs, prints, jigsaw puzzles, toys, coins, and stamps. We specialize in digital media products that you cannot find anywhere else.

Magazines are often available in two formats, the USA version and the International version. These two formats are very similar, usually the only difference are the advertisements inside. We will ship whichever format we have in stock.

2. What can I do when a particular "item" can't be found on your site?

We rely heavily on our customer feedback when creating Wonderclub, so if you've searched the site, haven't found what you are looking for, please let us know about it here, or call us in Canada at (514) 694-0060

3. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding one of my purchases?
You can always contact us by clicking here, or you can call us at (514) 694-0060.
Or you can mail us at:
WonderClub Enterprises
8126 Jean-Brillon
Montréal, Quebec, H8N 2J5
4. How do I find your privacy policy.?
Click here to read our privacy policy.

5. What is your refund policy?
We do not offer returns nor refunds. However, if your item has been damaged in the mail we will refund based on USPS's default insurance of $50 and Canada Post's default insurance of $100. If you require more insurance please call us toll-free at (866) 966-3226.
Once a digital file has been e-mailed to you and you have downloaded the file, there is definitely no refund since you have received the item that you ordered.
There is no refund on digital magazines of $99.99 because we have procured the physical copy with which to create your digital copy. Please be aware that it can take up to 2-months before you receive the physical copy, although it is usually much quicker than this.

6. How do I suggest other products which aren't featured on your site?
Simple. Just visit our feedback page and provide us with any info which you may deem helpful to the growth of our site. We have found many of our products through customer feedback and encourage everyone to offer their suggestions in order to improve the site for everyone's benefit.
7. How do you deliver your products?
If you are located in Canada we only ship using Canada Post, we do not use any other carriers.
If you are located in the United States we only ship using USPS, we do not use any other carries.
Customers that are not located in the USA or Canada are considered international customers. If you are located internationally we ship using Canada Post, unless the item weighs more than 4 kg, then we use USPS because they are less expensive. We don't use any other carriers. Our online payment provider does not calculate international shipping fees. International orders are subject to higher shipping fees as indicated here.
Digital magazines will be e-mailed to you, no shipping fees will be charged. If your order shows a shipping fee it will be refunded.

8. What currency are your items priced & What payments do you accept?
Although we are located in Canada, 90% of our customers are based in the USA, therefore we list all of our products in US dollars. Beside every product, we mark the price as follows: USD$XX.XX. This indicates the currency in US dollars. We accept payments via credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discovery Card), money orders, cheques, cash, Bitcoin, and PayPal Above $50 (You will need to contact us if you want to pay via PayPal. This is not an automated option).

A PDF digital book format offered by WonderClub is a complete, watermark-free reproduction of a magazine or book that you can use to read on any digital device that you have such as a computer, a tablet, a cellphone, a laptop or an iPad. It is a high-quality file which will look good on any screen and can even be printed in black and white or in full color.

Digital magazines that sell for $100.00 or more have not yet been created as digital files and we do not have a hardcopy in stock. We have to procure a physical copy from our supplier and then digitize it which explains the high price. It usually takes about 4-weeks before you receive it. Digital magazines that sell between $49.99 and $99.99 means that we have a hardcopy in stock but it is has not been digitized yet. It usually takes about 48 hours before you receive it. Once a digital magazine has been purchased between $49.99 and $99.99 it immediately drops in price to $19.98 because the most labour intensive part of the job has been completed. You are paying the high price to be the first to get a digital copy of the magazine. We also have to destroy a copy of the magazine in order to create this file.

Audio/Video files are magazines, comic books, or books in digital video format with an added audio component. It is basically like having someone read through the book or the magazine for you. You are watching the pages being turned on your TV, phone, or tablet while someone reads the words aloud. If you just want to listen to the audio, you do not have to watch the video feed. Any MP3 player will play these files without the video. But if you prefer to watch the pages being flipped as you listen, you can do this too. We will also include a copy of the PDF file with the MP4 file.
Click here for an example of a comic book Audio/Video file. This is the first issue of the Little Sad Sack comic book.

Digital magazines that sell for under $30 are available for immediate download. You can log in to your account by clicking here and download your magazine. You will have 4 downloads available to you. If for some reason you use 4 downloads and you still do not have the file, then you will have to contact us by clicking here so that we can reset your downloads. You have 3 months to complete your 4 downloads after the purchase date. You will not be able to download your file after this date. After you have purchased this PDF file, it is yours, you own it. You can store it on any computer or tablet that you own and read it anywhere.

The "Add to Inventory" button allows you to add products that you want to sell on WonderClub.com. By clicking this button, it says that you have one that
you are willing to sell. When your item sells you will be responsible to ship it directly to the customer that has purchased your product. WonderClub.com will take care of all the payments. We charge a 20% fee for this service. Payouts are made on a bi-weekly basis.

Click here to read our FAQ page specifically for third party sellers.

The "Add to Wishlist" button allows you to add products that you would like to own or buy in the future. By clicking this button, you create a wishlist of items that you
may want in the future. It is a great way to keep track of things that you are interested in. The "Remove from Wishlist" button simply removes this item from your wishlist.
You will need to log into your account in order to view your wishlist.

The "Add to Collection" button is similar to the "Add to Inventory" button. It allows you to add products that you actually own but that you do not wish to sell.
It is a way to keep track of a collection of items that you own. It is great for insurance purposes because you can have a complete inventory of everything you own
in case you need it. It is also nice to know how much your collection is worth.

16. Is there a maximum quantity of items I can purchase at one time?
Yes, we reserve the right to cap your maximum quantity of items at 3. This is to ensure that we always have enough stock for our other customers. In the past, some tragedy has happened, such as the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and then someone comes and depletes our stock of magazines, which leaves nothing left for other customers. We no longer allow this.

We sell most of our own products but we do allow third party sellers to sell goods that we have listed on our Website. You can sign up for a seller account by clicking here.

18. How do I find out who is in a magazine?
This is a specialized service that we offer. We charge US$75 per hour to do specialized searches like this with a one-hour minimum. You can call us toll-free at (866) 966-3226, and speak to one of our search specialists. Only VISA and MasterCard are accepted for this service.

We have removed certain search words and search characters and symbols which are useless to make a proper search. The words "the", "and", "or", and "of" add nothing to a search.
You can add them but our system will ignore them. This also goes for these symbols, #, -, ', &, ", =, +, etc. If you try to only put in any of these words or symbols, we will give you a pop-up saying, "Please provide a valid search".

We have discontinued coupons for the moment, therefore there are no coupon codes available for our products at this time.

Any other questions? Visit our Feedback page or call us in Canada at (514) 694-0060 or toll-free at (866) 966-3226.









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