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Sean Ross
46, Rue De Shediac
Kirkland, Quebec
H9J 2J9

(514) 694-0060

August 28, 2003

Canadian Tire # 234
3079 Blvd. des Sources
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec
H9B 1Z6

Dear Canadian Tire:

There was an ad in this week’s flyer for the Black and Decker Cup-at-a-Time coffeemaker. I went to the store in DDO to purchase 60 of these coffeemakers and the girl at the counter told me she only had 54 in stock. I said that I would be happy to take 50 and she decided to call the store manager to see if it was OK to sell them. I was introduced to the store manager, Steve Pelletier, who came and greeted me. He spoke to me in French and out of courtesy I responded to him in French. As soon as you speak to me you can tell that I am not French due to my heavy English accent, however, he made no effort to respond to me in English. I continued speaking French out of courtesy to him.

He informed me that I was not allowed to purchase 50 coffeemakers at the advertised price because they are a loss leader and that his cost for the item is $10.08 which did not include his freight costs. He said that I would have to buy them at a higher price than that indicated in the flyer. I told him that the price advertised was $9.99 and that I wanted them at the advertised price.

He said that he was unwilling to sell them at the advertised price. I told him that was unacceptable and that I was going to contact the Consumer Protection Office of Quebec for false advertising. He became agitated when I told him this and asked me to leave the store. I told him that his attitude was hostile and that I would be writing a letter of complaint to Canadian Tire. He became very angry and basically used his brawn to escort me out of the store. He did not manhandle me but I was worried that he was going to become physical if I did not leave. I was appalled by the behavior of this manager because it resembled that of a high school bully, not a man representing a prestigious company like Canadian Tire.

Mr. Pelletier clearly does not have the skills to be a manager. His attitude was crass and unjustifiable. I feel that he needs to be reprimanded for his behavior and that he should be sent on training courses on how to deal with the public. I would also like a coupon to purchase 50 of these coffeemakers at the advertised price of $9.99, and I would like a letter of apology from Steve Pelletier himself.

Unsatisfactorily Yours,
Sean Ross

Cc: Consumer Protection Office of Quebec