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Sean Ross
46, Rue De Shediac
Kirkland, Quebec
H9J 2J9

(514) 694-0060

November 1, 2006

Cabanon Express
170 B Boul. Bellerose Ouest
Vimont, Laval, Quebec
H7L 6A2

Dear Cabanon Express:

On September 27, 2006, a sales representative from your company sold me a St-Maurice style shed to be installed in my backyard. A fee of $350 plus tax was added to my bill in order to move the shed two feet back, in order to abut the fence in my backyard. It was explained to me that your construction crew required two feet around each side of the shed in order to build it. Then, once the shed was built, it would be a huge undertaking to move it back two feet in order to abut the shed with the fence. It was explained to me that you needed to charge $350 for this service due to the enormous amount of work involved. I tried to negotiate this fee with your sales representative but he would not budge on the price.

On October 6th you came to install the shed, and your crew built the shed right beside the fence. No one ever moved the fence; therefore I paid $350 plus tax for a service that was not provided. The foreman of the crew asked me to sign a Visa bill for the final $4300 I owed you after the work was completed. I explained to him that the amount was too high and that I required a refund for $350 plus tax for the work that was not done. He was not able to provide a new Visa statement at the time so he signed the Visa slip which he had available which reads “Shed did not need to be moved. Refund $350 plus tax to my credit card.” I have included a copy of his signature as well as the bill.

Please send me a refund of $350 plus tax of $48.83, for a total of $398.83, by November 17th, for the work that was not done.


Sean Ross