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Sean Ross
46, Rue De Shediac
Kirkland, Quebec
H9J 2J9

(514) 694-0060

December 1, 2006

Verti Store
2925, Boul. Des Sources
Dorval, Quebec
H9R 4N3

Dear Verti Store,

On October 31, 2006, a sales representative from your company named Daniel Mathers sold me four Levelor 7/16 Cellular Blinds in colors 70546 and 70535. Mr. Mathers assured me that nobody beats your prices, in fact his Verti Store business card states “Personne ne bat nos prix!”.

A week later, when my blinds were ready, I contacted the manager, Connie, and explained to her that I had found blinds made by Abbey at Costco for about half the price of what she was charging me. She assured me that the quality of those blinds does not compare to the blinds that I purchased from Verti Store, and that comparing the two blinds was like comparing apples and oranges. I took her word for it, and accepted delivery of the new blinds.

On November 28th I was at Réno-Dépot in Pointe-Claire, right next to the Fairview Shopping Center. I asked the clerk how much it would cost for the exact same blinds, because I wanted to compare apples with apples. The sales lady gave me the prices for the exact same blinds by Levelor, 7/16 cellular in the same two colors and the same sizes. The price for the 57 3/8” X 45 ¾” blind was $428 plus $83 for the cordless version, bringing the total for one blind to $511. Verti Store charged me $567 which is $56 more expensive. Also, if I had purchased the blinds from Réno-Dépot before November 30th, they were offering me an additional 20% off of the $511 price. The price for the 57 3/8” X 38 ¾” blinds was $393 plus $83 for cordless, making the total $476. Verti Store charged me $529, making your blind more expensive by $53.

As you can see, by invoice “D 55304”, I purchased 2 blinds of each size from you. This means that I would have saved $218 plus GST of $13.08 and PST of $17.33, for a grand total of $248.41, if I had purchased these exact same blinds from Réno-Dépot.

I have called your store several times concerning this problem but nobody ever returns my phone calls, therefore, I am writing this letter to explain the situation in full detail.

All of your advertisements in newspapers indicate that you guarantee the lowest price, and your business cards states “Personne ne bat nos prix”. Since I have found the price cheaper at Réno-Dépot, I am expecting you to honour your lowest price commitment and provide me a refund of $248.41.

Please send me a cheque or money order payable to “Sean Ross” by December 18, 2006 for $248.41.


Sean Ross



Connie from Verti-Store responded to this letter quickly and courteously. The store resolved my issues and they also provided after sale service when my blinds broke. I highly recommend this company and I would not hesitate to purchase from them again.