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549 Hyman
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec
H9B 2G7

August 20, 2003

Bureau en Gros
3165 des Sources
Dorval, Quebec

Dear Bruno:

I use the Bureau en Gros postal outlet on a daily basis to ship my products worldwide. There used to be a manager named Dan who worked at the copy center/postal outlet. He was a fine example of a manager, and he convinced me that Bureau en Gros was a top notch retailer that could satisfy all of my business needs. I started shopping there in December 2002. Prior to that I did my Canada Post deliveries at Jean Coutu and bought my business supplies at Wal-Mart and Zellers. Through my business dealings with Dan, and the rest of the fine staff working in the copy center, I gradually transferred all of my business to your store where I now spend in excess of $50,000 per year.

Dan was moved to another store recently and a new manager named Yves L’Oignon replaced him. I have never really had any dealings with Yves since he began, however, he sees me everyday and we say hello to each other from time to time.

This afternoon, I arrived at Bureau en Gros at 5:15 PM with the products that I needed to have delivered (6 items to be exact). On average it takes 90 seconds to process each Canada Post item that I bring in because I process all of the paperwork before I arrive thus reducing the time that I have to wait for the cashier to process my order. This means that my transaction would have taken a maximum of 9 minutes (the cashier that was working, Susan, is a veteran and would have handled the transaction in less time than that).

Amazingly, Yves comes over to see me and curtly asks that I not come to the store between 4:00 and 6:00 PM for the next three weeks because it is Back-to-School time and you are too busy to process my orders. I was not only shocked but appalled. I bring your store an incredible amount of business and I am asked to please not come if I am not available when the store wants me. I asked Yves where I should take my items and he said I should take them somewhere else for the next three weeks.

I will not stop my business dealings with your company and then resume those dealings when it suits you. I am the customer, and I will come to your store when I need to buy a product or service from you, not the other way around.

If I start taking my business elsewhere and I am happy with the service that they provide then why would I return to Bureau en Gros after three weeks.

Dan built a solid relationship between Bureau en Gros and myself, and Yves’ crass attitude has just expunged a lot of the good sentiment that I had built towards your company. I feel that this manager should be seriously reprimanded for his actions.

My business is growing considerably and I expect to do double the volume with you next year. I will not accept to be treated like a customer who buys $500 a year from your store. My contributions to your company are significant and I expect to be treated with respect, the way that I was treated when Dan was in charge.

Unsatisfactorily Yours,

Sean Ross