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Hello-I'm upset because I had bought a laptop from a shopping channel called QVC. One of the features I liked was that it comes with a 9 cell lithium-ion battery. I even printed out the specification they offered for that laptop. When I received the laptop the packing slip said it had a 6 cell lithium-ion battery. I called customer service about it and they said it comes with a 6 not 9 cell lithium-ion battery. Sure enough, when I looked at today's specification on their site, they had changed it, however, I do have the copy of the original stating 9 cell lithium-ion battery. I told them that was one of the reason I purchased the laptop-that's false advertisement. I told her since it's false advertisement I think you should provide me with the right battery. She talked to her supervisor and they said sorry but we only have 6 cell-lithium-ion batteries. She said it was probably a typo error. Of course, I can always return it but that's not the point. What do you think? Should I just swallow it and just return it? Should I write to the corporate. Please advise.
Julie Stuart

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