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Impeach Barack Obama

When Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States On November 4, 2008 I was ecstatic. To think that an African-American could become president was a momentous occasion, proving that the American Dream was alive and real. Unfortunately my expectations were surreal; after all he is only human.

Now, I sit here on June 22, 2010 feeling so ill towards this man that I feel he should be arrested. His crimes towards not only the American people but towards the world are unprecedented.

On April 20th, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill began in the Gulf of Mexico, and it is now considered the largest offshore spill in world history with tens of millions of gallons spilled to date. The spill stems from a sea floor oil gusher that resulted from the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion.

Figure A: The red star-shaped dot represents the area where the oil is leaking from.

Obama has played golf a dozen times since this mess has begun when in fact his top priority should be to stop the leak and prevent it from perpetuating. As president he should have called in all of his reserves from the Navy to start cleaning up the oil on the top of the ocean. Every single boat in the U.S. Navy that is not currently involved in military operations should be outfitted with equipment for oil recovery operations. From the beginning Obama should have called on every other Navy fleet around the world to assist in clean-up operations. He should have also brought in his team of top scientists to start working on a plan to plug the whole and stop the leak from continuing. His group of Navy Seals should have been brought in to try all different scenarios that his top scientists came up with. Trying different scenarios is better than wasting time playing golf.

Obviously there would have been serious costs associated with Obama cleaning up this mess and what he should have done is hired an accountant whose full time-job would be to calculate all the costs associated with this task. Once the task was completed he should have sent the bill to British Petroleum (BP). If they did not pay the bill he simply would have brought them to court. With the US being such a huge source of revenue for BP they would have paid for the damage. In 2009 BP made $16.759 billion profit, in 2008 they made $21.666 billion profit, and in 2007 they made $21.169 billion and all of this was after taxes. It is not like they could not afford the bill, which means Obama had no reason not to spend the money for a mass clean-up effort before the oil had time to hit the beaches.
Also, if BP did not pay he could have placed a moratorium on the sale of BP products within the United States.

Figure B: This shows the pattern that the oil leak will follow.

As can be seen by the above image (Figure B), the oil leak will flow out of the Gulf of Mexico, up to Europe, around Greenland, and then back down the eastern coast of the USA, and then around the rest of the world. The damage will be astronomical, and if the president does not spend every waking moment trying to prevent this disaster, then he is committing a global crime which will affect everyone. All presidents, prime ministers, and kings should be putting their heads together to come up with a solution, but the US has all the means at its disposal and Obama is not using them. Figure B shows that the devastation will be the worst in the US and will affect Americans the most.

But the fact is simple, the leak is in the territorial US waters, and therefore must be addressed first and foremost by Americans, and since the leader of the US is Obama, it is his responsibility to clean up this mess immediately. This should be his number one priority until the situation is resolved, because the consequences of inaction are dire.

Inaction when the law calls for action is a crime. For example, if parents do not provide adequate necessities for their children, this behavior of omission is just as much a crime as someone who does something actively. Obama is the parent, and he is not providing his people with the clean-up that they require.

The president can issue a State of Emergency during a time of natural disaster, which has the binding force of law upon federal agencies and does not require congressional approval. I say that Barack Obama should be impeached immediately due to his inaction in this global crime!

Written by: Sean Ross on June 22, 2010