I found your site because I specifically have a complaint about an
entire McDonald's staff being rude to me - time and time again.

The particular McDonald's store to which I'm referring, is at the corner
of Sate Road 53 and US Hwy 41 in Land O' Lakes Florida. This is by far
the worst McDonald's I have ever seen as far as customer service level
is concerned. The staff *NEVER* says anything that isn't absolutely
necessary in order to complete the transaction and get the customer
moving. In other words, They *NEVER* say "hi", "Welcome to McDonald's"
or any other greeting. Instead, they simply say "Go ahead and order".
Ok, so I then order. If I am lucky, they will tell me the total at that
point, but they *NEVER* repeat the order to ensure accuracy, only "Drive
Up". When I get to the cashier's window, they *sometimes* repeat the
total, and wait for me to pass them the money. When I do, they hand me
my change and receipt and say *absolutely nothing!*. Not "Thank-you",
"please pull ahead", *NOTHING!*. Unbelievable. When I get to the next
window, again, the employee says *ABSOLUTELY NOTHING*. Instead, he/she
hands me my food, and I *usually* have to ask for a napkin. They give
me the correct order about 90% of the time. For the other 10%, when I
tell them that they gave me the wrong order, again, *THEY SAY ABSOLUTELY

Today, (and only because the store is located a few blocks from where I
live and I didn't want to go any further), they pushed me over the top.
The above scenario played out again, with a couple of differences. When
I got to the food receipt window, the young girl working there, *WITHOUT
EVEN LOOKING AT ME* handed me a root beer, instead of the iced coffee I
ordered. Again, I had to ask for a straw and a napkin - she was
completely unconcerned that the drink was dripping profusely from
spillage when filling and/or condensation. Again she did not utter a
single word. It was only after I left the window (and the driver behind
me pulled up to the window) that I realized I received root beer instead
of iced coffee. I then drove back around through the drive-through to
the first window. After the cashier apathetically told me (in as few
syllables as is humanly possible) to go to the next window, I asked to
speak to the manager. He shouted for the manager, apparently named
"Ashley", and told me that she would meet me at the next window. I went
to the next windows, after waiting for the cars ahead of me to get their
food, and came upon the same apathetic girl. I set the root beer on the
window sill, waiting for her to even look my way, which she did not.
She instead blindly handed me a bag of food that I didn't order. I told
her "No, try again", and she then (*SILENTLY*) gave me the iced coffee
that I originally ordered, and, after a pause, a straw (but no napkin to
soak up the water dripping from the cup). Ashley, on the other hand,
must have decided that she had more important things to do and ignored
me (What else did I expect?). I told the mute girl to tell Ashley that
I will speak to the general manager and hastily left before I popped a
blood vessel.

I *will* speak to the general manager. As well as everyone else I
know. I will *never* return to that ridiculous excuse for a fast-food
store. Most of McDonald's food is marginally edible anyway, so why
would I subject myself to abuse, in order to pay high prices for
marginal food?

The scenario above is SOP for this store, and has been for a couple of
years. This is why I only go there about once a month, despite it's
close location. A couple of years ago, before they began training their
employees to be rude and apathetic, this particular store was the
antithesis of what it is now. The customer service was unbelievably
courteous, helpful, happy, etc. It was due to that fact that I
frequented the store much more often - at least once a week. Now, they
are rude, apathetic, discourteous and curt.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this. I hope it gets published.
I will also be sending a copy to other parties, including McDonald's.