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Always use the USPS (United States Postal Service) instead of Fed-Ex when mailing a package from the USA to Canada.

The shipping price might be slightly higher but you will save money in the end.

Fed-Ex charges ridiculous brokerage fees on packages that cross the border. A brokerage fee is the fee charged for routing a package through customs.

The postal system doesn't charge any brokerage fee. These fees are charged to the recipient, and not the sender.

US Mail is the way to go when shipping from US to Canada. Canada Post will do the required customs brokering and will assess the correct duty and GST. ALL FOR $5.....You get a note in the mail that tells you that you have a parcel waiting at your nearest post office. You pay the GST and $5 fee and away you go. No Fed-Ex emplyee hiding parcels in the hedge, or leaving your parcel with the guy next door, and no brokerage fees.

Fed-Ex charges an incredible "brokerage fee" on all shipments they bring into Canada. The minimum fee is about $35.00. I have refused to use Fed-Ex because of this fee. And what does Fed-Ex do to earn this fee? They stamp the parcel with their brokerage stamp.

If you are an eBay seller shipping from the USA to Canada this is very important, especially now that the buyer has more rights on eBay than the seller. If you ship using Fed-Ex your buyer will be hit with a high brokerage fee and he may refuse the package or leave you negative feedback, so please heed my warning, when shipping from the USA to Canada ALWAYS use USPS.

Sean Ross

If you have any questions regarding these ridiculous fees you can call me at (514) 694-0060.