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Here is a list of Educa jigsaw puzzles available for sale

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Image Product ID Title Number of Pieces Price
le parnasse painting by poussin, jigsaw puzzle by educa EDU12029 Le Parnasse 8000 199.99
villnoss valley, educa puzzle, 6000 pieces of a beautiful scenery EDU12027 Villnoss Valley 6000 199.99
las meninas by diego velazquez, painting, ladies in waiting, educa jigsaw puzzle EDU12028 Las Meninas (Dames in Waiting) 6000 99.99
Collage painted by E.B. Leighton 6000 piece jigsaw puzzle made by Educa in Spain EDUCA13040 Collage, E.B. Leighton 6000 99.99
feast of the gods jigsaw puzzle, hendrik van balen, 5000 pieces, painting educa puzzles EDU11262 Feast of the Gods 5000 99.99
cornelius' art studio, jigsaw puzzle by educa, 5000 pieces puzz, painting, EDU11765 Cornelius' Art Studio 5000 99.99
educa jigsaw puzzle of balcony in ponza, 5000 pieces EDU12022 Balcony In Ponza 5000 99.99
the matterhorn jigsaw puzzle, switzerland landscape, beautiful nature land, jigsaw puzzle EDU12023 Matterhorn 5000 99.99
map of the world 1375, mapamundi jigsaw puzzle by educa crsques abraham EDU7976 Mapamundi (Map of the World) 4000 69.99
floor puzzle with giant pieces made by educa. Noah's Ark 35 piece jigsaw puzzle # 12771 EDUCA12771 Noah's Ark Floor Puzzle 35 49.99
guernica puzzle painting by picasso, educa puzz picasso painting EDU11502 Guernica 3000 99.99
lake como landing jigsaw puzzle by educa, landscape jigsaw puzzle EDU12034 Lake Como Landing 3000 99.99
typus orbis terrarum jigsaw puzzle by educa, 3000 pieces EDU7484 Typus Orbis Terrarum 3000 99.99
daft football jigsaw puzzle by educa, soccer puzzle, difficult puzz, buffalo EDU10607 Daft Football 2000 29.99
pop cans from around the world, kola, soya bean drink, johannes weben, educa jigsaw puzzle EDU11053 Soft Drink Cans 2000 49.99
ulysses and the sirens by herbert draper, paintings and art, painting  greek hero EDU11758 Ulysses & The Sirens 2000 99.99
natural world wonders, educa jigsaw puzzle, great nature scenes by educa EDU11804 Natural World Wonders 2000 49.99
matador II maxi world champion by educa jigsaw puzzle, 2000 pieces EDU12012 Maxi World Champion 2000 69.99
educa jigsaw puzzle, the accolade painting by leighton EDU7396 The Accolade 2000 99.99
two 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles in one box Educa made in Spain 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles EDUCA13296 The World 2000 49.99
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