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Here is a list of 3D Puzzles available for sale

Image Product ID Title
cntower matchstick puzzle 3d jigsaw puzzle made of match sticks by bj toys difficult advanced puzzleMATCH6612CN Tower
eiffeltower match stick 3d jigsawpuzzle matchitecture bjtoys microbeams glue tweezers includedMATCH6611Eiffel Tower
empirestate building new york 3d matchstick jigsaw puzzle 650 microbeams gluepuzzle great showpieceMATCH6647Empire State Building
tajmahal agra india 3d match sticks puzzle 7500 pieces very difficultMATCH6635Taj Mahal, India
goldrush train resulted in construction of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1861, first TransAmericanMATCH6613Gold Rush Train
mississippi steamboat 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle made of matchsticks for serious builders great gifMATCH6630Mississippi Boat
fokker triplane DR1 german fighter plane three dimension jigsaw puzzle replica matchstickpuzzleMATCH6610Fokker Dr1 Triplane
1750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Manufactured by MatchitectureMATCH6617Arc de Triomphe
Truck Trailer 3d puzzle replica made of matchsticks by matchitecture 2000 matches with special cutteMATCH6622Big Rig
windmill replica 3d model match stick jigsawpuzzle made of matches cut to size with full kit & instrMATCH6621Windmill
Wood Glue 120 ml, Made by MatchitectureMATCH6602Wood Glue 120 ml
notre dame cathedral of Paris replica model made out of match sticks puzzle design very difficult fuMATCH6636Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral
matchitecture offers a 2000 match refill pack of microbeams just in case you lost some or broke someMATCH6605Refill of 2000 Microbeams
3d jogsaw puzzle antique nauticalmap 9 inch spherical globe showpiece collectableA1151-9Antique Nautical Map Globe
unicorn toys presents a spherical 3d jigsawpuzzle titled aroundtheworld 9 inch selfsupporting structA1190-9Around the World Globe 9"
blue marble earthglobe sferical self-support structure model replaica earth builder specialA1022-9Blue Marble Earth Globe 9"
dinosaur jurassic age globe puzzle depicting dinosaurs of the jurasic period 3d selfsuportA1145-9Jurassic Age Globe 9"
3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle of earthglobe 9 inch diameter with stand to turn globePG1022-12Blue Marble Earth Globe 12"
3dpuzzle venice, puzzles by wrebbit, 3d jigsaw puzzles 1580 pieces superchallenging 3d puzzles, puzz04221Venice
san francisco street scene 3d puzzle by wrebbit, 3dimensional puzzle with 1512 pieces, frisco tramwa04222San Francisco
coca-cola clock 3d puzzle, real working puzzle clock, 3dimensional wrebbit puzzles, 250 pieces, quar04310Coca-Cola Clock
wrebbit 3d puzzles cinderella's castle, rare disney puzzle, three-dimensional 3d jigsaw puzzles disn04311Cinderella's Castle
3-dimensional puzzles by wrebbit, disney victorian haunted house, 3d jisaw puzzles, mint condition p04401Haunted Victorian House
3d puzles, pirate ship puzzle, glow in the dark, bateau pirate, wrebbit 3dpuzzles, puzz3d, 358pieces04402Pirate Ship (Glow in the Dark)
wrebbit three dimensional puzzles, cologne cathedral jigsaw puzzle, 704 pieces, puzz3d of cathedral,04539Cologne Cathedral

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