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Best of Cheri Numbers 61 to 70 Magazine Back Issues

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Best Cheri # 61
Best of Cheri # 61 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 61

Covergirl Traci Topps (Not Nude)
The World's Most Suckable Tits
Bedroom Thighs
Satin Sex For Sale
Tasty Tarts Spread Their Luscious Lips


Best Cheri # 62
Best of Cheri # 62 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 62

Cock-Hungry Covergirl Eats It Raw
Horny Honeys Give Up The Hole


Best Cheri # 63
Best of Cheri # 63 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 63

Covergirl Candy
Leggy Lesbos Lick Each Other's Clit
World Class Ass
Tart Of The Month: Alisha
Special Wet & Wide Open Edition


Best Cheri # 64
Best of Cheri # 64 magazine back issue cover image
Filthy Females

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Best of Cheri # 64

Covergirl Nikki & SeRenna
Holesome Tarts Who Love Twat
Cock-Squatting Sluts Hump Your Hard-On
Bo Knows Boners
Lipstick Lesbo Reunion


Best Cheri # 65
Best of Cheri # 65 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 65

Covergirl Bo Saint
Trish & Pam Are Learning to Lick
Centerfold Christine Lives in the Lap of Luxury
The Miss Nude Ontario Pageant
Christine Tyler is "Pristine Christine"


Best Cheri # 66
Best of Cheri # 66 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 66

Hoop Stud Horace Grant Scores With 10 Strippers
Bimbo Blondes Lust For Big Balls


Best Cheri # 67
Best of Cheri # 67 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 67

Cock Crazy Rich Bitch Sucks And Tells
First-Ever Touch 'N' TAste Pictorial
Over 500 Slick Wet Pussies Ripe For Rammin
Centerfold Chasey Lain is Porn's Newest Starlet


Best Cheri # 68
Best of Cheri # 68 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 68

Covergirl & Centerfold Elena
Anal Sex Freak akes It Deep In The Tailpipe!
Cheating Housewife Blows In The 'Burbs
Footloose & Panty Free
Virtual Pussy So Real You Can Taste It!


Best Cheri # 69
Best of Cheri # 69 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 69

Covergirl & Centerfold Taylor
18 Year Old LEsbian Lick Fest!
Lingerie Models Go Lesbo
Fly The Friendly Thighs


Best Cheri # 70
Best of Cheri # 70 magazine back issue cover image

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Best of Cheri # 70

Covergirl Asia Carrera
Sunny-Side Up: Florida Babes Serve It Hot N' Spicy!
Packed With Pussy!
Centerfold Tart Stephanie
Lesbo Nymphos Dine On Cooze


The adult magazine, Cheri started publishing in 1976. The Best of Cheri was a reprint of the most popular photo spreads and articles from the Cheri magazine. Sometimes the Best of Cheri would include photos from the original photo shoot that were not included in the original magazine.

Peter Wolff was the brains behind Cheri magazine. God knows, he had the experience and the track record. By 1976, he had already worked on magazines such as Rogue, Topper, Bachelor, Ace, Follies, Frolic, Gala, Tab, Vue, Jaguar, Duke, Stud, Escapade, Daily Girl, Caper, and Gallery, to name but a few. He’d even been the editor of rival magazine High Society.

As indicated in Taschen’s History of Men’s Magazines, “Publishers would hire Peter to start a magazine, and while his magazine would be incredibly innovative and profitable, he’d be partying and obviously having way too much fun. As part of his deal with any publisher, he always insisted on a tab at a convenient bar, with his own table. He was a compulsive gambler and four-pack-a-day smoker. His office was littered with betting stubs, cigarette butts, take-out food, random slides, and manuscripts. His t-shirts and jeans were stained, and his long gray hair was often unwashed: he was fat and not particularly handsome. And yet he managed to have sex with most of the models, through his immense charm and intelligence. He never believed a publisher could fire him, but eventually the drinking, the arrogance, plus spending tons and tons of money, would always be too much for them. So they’d dump him… and get his great ideas.”

But to view Wolff as purely an adult magazine veteran is to underestimate and undervalue him. His first experience as an editor was on a student newspaper at Queens College, when he was active in the Women’s Liberation and Civil Rights Movements, even risking his life in black voter registration drives in the South. He became involved in the world of counter-cultural publications in the late 1960s, before becoming involved in erotic magazines. But Wolff differed from the vision of porn magnates like Hugh Hefner and Bob Guccione in that he had little time for the fantasy world of the beautiful people. He was fascinated in the sexual interests of common men – and their wives. He wanted to democratize the content and involve the readers directly in the magazines he produced.

In early 1976, Carl Ruderman needed a figurehead to divert attention from his position as publisher. He hired Peter Wolff – but Wolff suggested he appoint a nominal female 'publisher' instead. And not just any female – he wanted a glamorous woman already associated with the New York sex scene. Wolff suggested adult film actress Bree Anthony, star of porno hits Oriental Blue, The Vixens of

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