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Archie's Super Teens # 1
Archie's Super Teens A1 Comix Comic Book Database
Archie's Super Teens # 2
Archie's Super Teens A1 Comix Comic Book Database
Archie's Super Teens # 3
Archie's Super Teens A1 Comix Comic Book Database
Archie's Super Teens # 4
Archie's Super Teens A1 Comix Comic Book Database
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Comic book cover browser Archie and friends become superheroes and battle a host of bizarre supervillains in a series of tongue-in-cheek adventures.
The heroes include:

Pureheart the Powerful is born when Archie attempts to tap into the "PH Factor", a superpower only accessed by those pure of heart. Pureheart is super-strong, super-resilient, and can fly using his "jet-boosters". However, his powers only exist as long as his heart is pure, leading to embarrassing situations such as him losing his powers after an appreciative kiss from a damsel in distress, causing the car he was holding up to fall on him.

Superteen is created by Betty merely twisting her "magic ponytail". Superteen's powers are roughly similar to Pureheart's.

Captain Hero appears when Jughead recites a magic incantation (similar to Green Lantern's oath):
Teeny weeny magic beanie, Pointing towards the sky; Give me muscle, power, vigor, Form a super guy!

Unlike Pureheart and Superteen, Captain Hero has an arsenal of bizarre weaponry (like exploding bubble gum), and demonstrates other powers, such as "super-breath" and transforming his head into a steel drill.

Evilheart is Reggie using a variation of the PH Factor, instead using his villainous half to transform into a superhero with Pureheart's powers. So great is Evilheart's villainy that it actually proves a strain to revert to the lesser evil of Reggie Mantle. While Evilheart antagonizes the other superheroes, he will team up with them to battle a common foe.

All of these heroes have inherent "mind foggers" that cause all civilians to forget the Super Teen's secret identities (even the teens themselves, in some cases).

A 1990s revival of the Super Teens (complete with new stories by famous superhero artists and writers) introduced two new Super Teens:

Miss Vanity is Veronica, who gained her powers through unknown means (they appear to be stress-related). Her powers are roughly similar to Superteen's, although her outfit is more provocative. She appears to have a "super-sonic" scream, à la Black Canary.

Mighty Moose is, naturally, Moose with the gift of flight and augmentations to his already formidable strength.

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