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Eiffel Tower - FX Schmid Jigsaw Puzzle

eiffel tower shaped jigsaw puzzle by gerold como with fx schmid 1000 pieces eiffeltowercomo
Eiffel Tower

Title:    Eiffel Tower
Pieces: 1000

Artist:  Gerold Como

Size:     Height = 34 inches
             Width = 26.5 inches

Manufacturer: FX Schmid
Item Number: 780129

This puzzle is shaped like the Eiffel Tower. It is part of FX Schmid's "Shaped Puzzle Series".

Gerold Como, the artist of this puzzle, has written a short autobiography as follows:
"Already as a youngster I used to paint on everything that I could get my hands on, whether on exercise books or other available spaces in front of my nose. In school as well I used to get all the commissions that somehow had to do with painting or drawing, whether scenery for plays or for the school newspaper. At the time, I was already winning prizes and distinctions for my works. In 1966 after my school days I started an apprenticeship in lithography, which I completed in three years. Although in all those years my passion was with painting and graphics and I had already carried out various assignments for some agencies, I studied business and management for five semesters in Frankfurt - in the long run however this did not correspond to my inclinations. After a short period with the Academy of Fine Arts in Offenbach, which I hardly seem to recall apart from a few happenings, I started my career as a graphic designer with a publisher. Personal and professional freedom however has always been more important to me than security. In the last few years, I have worked quite versatilely as a freelance designer in a number of branches. Amongst them children's books, games, posters and postcards, whereas the scope of my work reaches from photo-realistic realisations up to cartoons and comics".

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