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Huge Assortment of History Books at WonderClub

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Luciani Samosatensis Opera, Volume 3 book written by De Samosate, Lucien 
Statistical Report on the Sickness, Mortality, and Invaliding Among the Troops in the West Indies book written by Marshall, H. 
Joannis Baptist] Santolii ... Operum Omnium Editio Tertia book written by De Santeul, Jean Baptiste 
Guerre de Troie, Volume 2 book written by Quintus 
A City of Memories book written by Bramston, A. R. 
Mmoires Et Correspondance Politique Et Militaire Du Prince Eugne, Volume 2 book written by De Beauharnais, Eugne 
Deutsches Archiv Fr Klinische Medizin, Volume 184 book written by Anonymous 
Zeitschrift Des Historischen Vereins Fr Niedersachsen book written by Niedersachsen, Historischer Verein Fr 
Smmtliche Werke, Volume 18 book written by Tieck, Ludwig 
Dictionnaire Universel Des Sciences Morale, Conomique, Politique Et Diplomatique; Ou Bibliotheque de L'Homme-D'Tat Et Du Citoyen; book written by Robinet, Jean Baptiste 
Misc. Pamphlets book written by John Baptist Grasers, Baptist Grasers 
The Roman Empire of the Second Century: Or the Age of the Antonines book written by Capes, William Wolfe 
Wendunmuth, Von Hans Wilhelm Kirchhof, Volume 96 book written by Kirchhof, Hans Wilhelm 
Barbara Gwynne: Life book written by Trites, William Budd 
Transactions of the American Entomological Society, Volume 26 book written by American Entomological Society, Entomolo 
La de San Quintin, Comedia En Tres Actos Por B. Prez Galdos book written by Galds, Benito Prez 
Physik Und Erkenntnistheorie book written by Gehrcke, Ernst 
Die Olympischen Szenen Der Ilias, Ein Beitrag Zur Homerischen Frage book written by Finsler, Georg , Gymnasium, Bern Stdtisches 
Annales de Chimie Et de Physique book written by Arago, Franois , Berthelot, Marcellin , Mascart, Leuthre Lie Nicolas 
Bijdragen En Mededelingen Van Het Historisch Genootschap, Volumes 13-14 book written by Genootschap, Historisch , Genootschap, Nederlands Historisch 
Inhalt Und Methode Des Planimetrischen Unterrichts: Eine Vergleichende Planimetrie, Volume 2 book written by Schotten, Heinrich 
The Bible, Its Origin and Nature; Seven Lectures book written by Dods, Marcus 
Life and Society in America (Volume 1) book written by Day, Samuel Phillips 
Life and Achievements of Sam Houston; Hero and Statesman book written by Lester, C. Edwards 
Life and Death in Rebel Prisons; Giving a Complete History of the Inhuman and Barbarous Treatment of Our Brave Soldiers by Rebel Authorities book written by Kellogg, Robert H. 
Life and Labour in the Far, Far West; Being Notes of a Tour in the Western States, British Columbia, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territory book written by Barneby, William Henry 
Life and Letters of Wilder Dwight book written by Dwight, Wilder 
Matthew Arnold book written by Paul, Herbert Woodfield 
Mattie; -A Stray, by the Author of 'High Church'. book written by Robinson, Frederick William 
Me - Smith book written by Lockhart, Caroline 
Life of Edward H. Rollins; A Political Biogaphy book written by Lyford, James Otis 
Mede's Apostasy of the Latter Times, with an Intr. by T.D. Gregg book written by Mede, Joseph 
The Patriarchal Order, Or, True Brotherhood; The Time, Placethe Patriarchal Order, Or, True Brotherhood; The Time, Place and Manner of Its Marvelous C book written by Williams, John Shoebridge 
Life of Lincoln (Volume 1) book written by Whitney, Henry Clay 
Medical Guide to Contrexeville book written by Debout, Albert Mile 
The Book of the Flower Show book written by Curtis, Charles Henry 
Mental Arithmetic book written by Weidenhamer, Edward 
Methods of Teaching, Developed from a Functional Standpoint book written by Charters, Werrett Wallace 
The Railways and the People book written by King, Sterling Price 
Miss Quillet book written by Baring-Gould, Sabine 
Mists of Fire; A Trilogy and Some Eclogs book written by Coates-Kinney 
Modern American Oratory; Seven Representative Orations book written by Ringwalt, Ralph Curtis 
Modern Christianity, Or, the Plain Gospel Modernly Expounded book written by Peters, John Punnett 
The Rewards of Taste, and Other Essays book written by Bridge, Norman 
Milton book written by Williamson, George Charles 
Milton and Jakob Boehme; A Study of German Mysticism in Seventeenth-Century England book written by Bailey, Margaret Lewis 
Mind and Health, with an Examination of Some Systems of Divine Healing book written by Weaver, Edward Ebenezer 
Mr. Wynyard's Ward (Volume 2) book written by Lee, Holme 
Mrs. Lancelot; A Comedy of Assumptions book written by Hewlett, Maurice Henry 
Mrs. Raford, Humanist; A Suffrage Drama book written by Brown, Leando 
Municipal Home Rule; A Study in Administration book written by Goodnow, Frank Johnson 
Municipalities at Work; The Municipal Policy of Six Great Towns and Its Influence on Their Social Welfare book written by Dolman, Frederick 
My Lady Frivol book written by Carey, Rosa Nouchette , Carey, Roa Nouchette , Carey, Ro a. Nouchette 
My Days and Nights on the Battle-Field book written by Coffin, Charles Carleton 
My Generation; An Autobiographical Interpretation book written by Tucker, William Jewett 
Mysteries of Life, Death, and Futurity; Illustrated from the Best and Latest Authorities book written by Timbs, John 
Myths and Folk-Lore of Ireland book written by Curtin, Jeremiah 
New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud (4;v. 12); English Translation book written by Rodkinson, Michael Levi 
Napoleonic Studies book written by Rose, John Holland 
Narrative of a Journey Through the Upper Provinces of India (Volume 1); From Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825, (with Notes Upon Ceylon, ) an book written by Heber, Reginald 
Narrative of a Journey Through the Upper Provinces of India (Volume 2); From Calcutta to Bombay, 1824-1825, (with Notes Upon Ceylon, ) an book written by Heber, Reginald 
Narrative of Ten Years' Imprisonment in the Dungeons of Naples book written by Nicol, Antonio , Nicolo, Antonio 
Narrative of the Voyages and Services of the Nemesis, from 1840 to 1843 (Volume 1); And of the Combined Naval and Military Operations in China book written by Bernard, William Dallas 
Only a Girl book written by Von Hillern, Wilhelmine , Hillern, Frau Wilhelmine Von 
Only an Incident book written by Litchfield, Grace Denio 
Onward; Or, the Mountain Clamberers: A Tale of Progress book written by Winscom, Jane Anne 
Nights at the Play book written by Walbrook, Henry MacKinnon 
Orlando Innamorato Di Bojardo (Volume 6); Orlando Furioso Di Ariosto book written by Boiardo, Matteo Maria 
The Enemies of the Constitution Discovered; Or, an Inquiry Ithe Enemies of the Constitution Discovered; Or, an Inquiry Into the Origin and Tendency of book written by Thomas, William 
Our Children; Hints from Practical Exprience for Parents and Teachers book written by Carus, Paul 
Old Morocco and the Forbidden Atlas book written by Andrews, Clarence Edward 
Our Hundred Days in Europe book written by Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr. 
Old Styles's book written by Spicer, Henry 
Our Insect Enemies book written by Wood, Theodore 
Old Ballads (Volume 2); Historical and Narrative, with Some of Modern Date book written by Evans, Thomas 
Nursery Rhymes book written by Fraser, Claud Lovat 
[Novels] book written by Reade, Charles 
Novels and Tales book written by Stevenson, Robert Louis 
The Novels of F. Marion Crawford book written by Crawford, F. Marion 1854-1909 
The Novels of Samuel Richardson. Complete and Unabridged book written by Richardson, Samuel , Phelps, William Lyon 
The Novels of F. Marion Crawford book written by Crawford, F. Marion 1854-1909 
Nursery Rhymes book written by Brooke, L. Leslie 1862-1940 
Novels by Paul de Kock book written by Kock, Paul De 
Nouveau Recueil de Traites D'Alliance, de Paix, de Treve... Et de Plusieurs Autres Actes Servant a la Connaissance Des Relations Etrangeres Des Puissa book written by Martens, Georg Friedrich Von , Murhard, Friedrich Wilhelm August 
The Novels of Captain Marryat. Edited by R. Brimley Johnson book written by Marryat, Frederick , Johnson, R. Brimley 1867-1932 
Life of Robert Josiah Willingham (1917) book written by Willingham, Elizabeth Walton 
History of the Clay Working Industry in the United States (1909) book written by Ries, Heinrich , Leighton, Henry 
The Love of the Spirit: Traced in His Work (1836) book written by Philip, Robert 
La Morale Dans La Democratie (1885) book written by Barni, Jules Romain 
The Forty-First Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 (1897) book written by Kimberly, Robert L. , Holloway, Ephraim S. 
Jesus Christ and the Christian Character: An Examination of the Teaching of Jesus in Its Relation to Some of the Moral Problems of Personal Life (1905 book written by Peabody, Francis Greenwood 
Journal of a Tour in Italy, in 1850: With an Account of an Interview with the Pope, at the Vatican (1850) book written by Townsend, George 
Joseph Patai's Selected Poems (1921) book written by Patai, Jozsef , Lilien, E. M. , Loew, William N. 
The Effect of a Superposed Constant Field Upon the Alternating Current Permeability and Energy Loss in Iron (1921) book written by Smith, Alva Wellington 
The Asymmetry of the Aliphatic Diazo Esters (1922) book written by Chiles, Howard Marion 
Address on Dr. Temple, Late Archbishop of Canterbury (1904) book written by Sandford, Ernest Grey 
Notes and Observations on the Art of Fencing, Part 1, No. 1: A Sequel to Foil Practice (1864) book written by Chapman, George 
Notes on the Circumstances of a Moving Projectile (1896) book written by Robinson, Wirt 
Observations Occasioned by the Motion in the House of Commons, on March 26, 1833 (1833) book written by Heathfield, Richard 
Preparedness Plus: By One Who Is Unsatisfied with the Program of the Pacifists and Dissatisfied with the Doctrine of Preparedness, But Wh book written by Ewing, Edward Hilts 
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