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History of Spain and Portugal book written by Dunham, S. A. D. 1858 
History of the Union Pacific Railroad: Issued by the Union Pacific Railroad on the Occasion of the Celebration at Ogden, Utah, May 10th, 1919, in Comm book written by Union Pacific Railroad Company 
History of Steamboating on the Minnesota River book written by Hughes, Thomas 
History of the State of New York, Political and Governmental; book written by Smith, Ray B. 1867 , Johnson, Willis Fletcher , Brown, Roscoe Conkling Ensign 
The History of the Christian Religion and Church During the Three First Centuries book written by Neander, August , Rose, Henry John 
The History of Twenty-Five Years book written by Walpole, Spencer , Lyall, Alfred Comyns 
Essex Institute Historical Collections book written by Essex Institute 
Home Worship: A Series of Topical Prayers for Use in the Family Circle book written by Weir, James W. 1805 
Home for the Homeless book written by Miller, M. E. 1826 
The History of Virginia: From Its First Settlement to the Present Day book written by Burk, John , Jones, Skelton , Girardin, Louis Hue 
A Homiletic Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes: With Critical and Explanatory Notes book written by Leale, Thomas H. 
Home; A Comedy in Three Acts book written by Robertson, Thomas William 
Home Progress book written by McCracken, Elizabeth 
History of the Town of Essex, 1634 to 1868; With Sketches of the Soldiers ... book written by Crowell, Robert 
History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Continent book written by Bancroft, George 
Home Songs for Little People book written by Anonymous 
Home Life Under the Stuarts, 1603-1649 book written by Godfrey, Elizabeth 
History of Wachovia in North Carolina; The Unitas Fratrum or Moravian Church in North Carolina During a Century and a Half, 1752-1902 book written by Clewell, John Henry 
The History of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society book written by Findlay, George G. 1849 , Holdsworth, William West 
The History of the United States, from Their Colonization to the End of the Twenty-Sixth Congress, in 1841: In Four Volumes book written by Tucker, George 
History of the United States of America: From the Discovery of the Continent book written by Bancroft, George 
The History of Virginia: From Its First Settlement to the Present Day book written by Burk, John , Jones, Skelton , Girardin, Louis Hue 
History of the United States from the Compromise of 1850 book written by Rhodes, James Ford 
Home to Him's Muvver book written by Montague, Margaret Prescott 
The Homologies of the Human Skeleton .. book written by Coote, Holmes 
Home Rule Through Federal Devolution book written by Pim, Frederic William 
A   Letter to the Honorable John C. Calhoun, Vice-President of the United States, Robert Y. Hayne, Senator of the United States, George M'Duffie, of t book written by Grimke, Thomas Smith , Calhoun, John C. 1782 
Homer book written by Gladstone, William Ewart 
A Home Idyl and Other Poems book written by Trowbridge, J. T. 1827 
The History of the State of Georgia from 1850 to 1881, Embracing the Three Important Epochs: The Decade Before the War of 1861-5; The War; The Period book written by Avery, I. W. 1837 
History of the War of Independence of the United States of America book written by Botta, Carlo , Otis, George Alexander 
Homes for Workers book written by United States Housing Authority 
Handbook to the Cathedrals of England book written by King, Richard John 
Half-Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences book written by Anonymous 
A Handbook for the Electrical Laboratory and Testing Room book written by Fleming, J. A. 
Handbook of Natural Philosophy book written by Lardner, Dionysius 
The Haskell Gospels book written by Goodspeed, Edgar Johnson 
The Historical Criticism of Documents book written by Marshall, Richard Lucas 
A   Handbook of Scientific and Literary Bible Difficulties; Or, Facts and Suggestions Helpful Towards the Solution of Perplexing Things in Sacred Scri book written by Tuck, Robert 
Hippocrates book written by Hippocrates, Hippocrates , Jones, W. H. S. 1876 , Potter, Paul 
The Harveian Oration on the Influence of Harvey's Work in the Development of the Doctrine of Infection and Immunity. Delivered Before the Royal Colleg book written by Bruce, J. Mitchell 1846 
Harvey and Galen book written by Payne, Joseph Frank 
The Historical Discourse Given on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Baptist Church, South Abington, Mass. November 6th, 1872 .. book written by Snow, Charles A. 
A History of the University of Oxford book written by Brodrick, George C. 1831 
General Specifications for Concrete Work as Applied to Building Construction book written by Watson, Wilbur Jay 
China Coast Tales book written by Giles, Elise Williamina Edersheim 
Social Theory book written by Cole, G. D. H. 1889-1959 
The Pre- And Proto-Historic Finns, Both Eastern and Western, with the Magic Songs of the West Finns book written by Abercromby, John 
Census of India, 1901 book written by India Census Commissioner, Census Commis , India Census Commissioner 
The Complete Works of John L. Motley .. book written by Motley, John Lothrop , Curtis, George William 
Forty Years of Diplomacy book written by Rosen, Roman Romanovich 
The Works of William Shakespeare. the Plays Edited from the Folio of MDCXXIII, with Various Readings from All the Editions and All the Commentators, N book written by Shakespeare, William , White, Richard Grant 
A Comprehensive Plan of Insurance and Annuities for College Teachers book written by Pritchett, Henry S. 1857-1939 
The Story of the China Inland Mission book written by Taylor, Howard 
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare book written by Shakespeare, William , Lee, Sidney 
To Damascus, Part I book written by Strindberg, August , Paulson, Arvid 
Census of India, 1901 book written by India Census Commissioner, Census Commis , India Census Commissioner 
Records of the Colony of New Plymouth, in New England: Printed by Order of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts book written by Colony, New Plymouth , Shurtleff, Nathaniel Bradstreet , Pulsifer, David 
The Complete Works of John L. Motley .. book written by Motley, John Lothrop , Curtis, George William 
The History of Belgium book written by Boulger, Demetrius Charles 
History of the United States of America, from the Discovery of the Continent [To 1789] book written by Bancroft, George 
Dio's Rome; An Historical Narrative Originally Composed in Greek During the Reigns of Septimus Severus, Geta and Caracalla, Macrinus, Elagabalus and A book written by Cocceianus, Cassius Dio , Foster, Herbert Baldwin , Zonaras, Joannes 
Census of India, 1901 book written by India Census Commissioner, Census Commis , India Census Commissioner 
Census of India, 1901 book written by India Census Commissioner, Census Commis , India Census Commissioner 
Railway Reminiscences book written by Neele, George P. 
The Elements of Marketing book written by Cherington, Paul Terry 
Modern Progress and History; Addresses on Various Academic Occasions book written by Walsh, James Joseph 
Troy's One Hundred Years, 1789-1889 book written by Weise, Arthur James 
Excess Condemnation: A Report of the Committee on Taxation of the City of New York book written by Marling, Alfred Erskine , Swan, Herbert S. , New York (N y. ). Committee on Taxation 
A Select Collection of Scarce and Valuable Economical Tracts book written by McCulloch, J. R. 1789 
The Philosophy of Accounts book written by Sprague, Charles E. 1842 
The Martyrdom of Man book written by Reade, William Winwood 
A Short History of the United States book written by Bassett, John Spencer 
Handbook to City and University book written by Walker, Robert , Munro, A. M. , University of Aberdeen 
A   Manual of Historical Literature, Comprising Brief Descriptions of the Most Important Histories in English, French and German, Together with Practi book written by Adams, Charles Kendall 
Modern Wars and War Taxes, a Manual of Military Finance book written by Lawson, W. R. 
Human Ideals book written by Spencer, Frederick Augustus Morland 
A Bibliographical Catalogue of MacMillan and Co.'s Publications from 1843-1889 book written by &. Co, MacMillan , Foster, James 
Outlines of Social Philosophy book written by MacKenzie, John Stuart 
Christianity and the Social Order book written by Campbell, R. J. 1867 
The Shade of the Balkans: Being a Collection of Bulgarian Folksongs and Proverbs book written by Bernard, Henry , Slaveikoff, Pencho , Dillon, Emile Joseph 
Banking Reform in the United States; A Series of Proposals, Including a Central Bank of Limited Scope book written by Sprague, O. M. W. 1873 
An Eight Days' Retreat for Religious book written by Gabriel, Henry Albert 
Electricity and Magnetism. an Elementary Text-Book, Theoretical and Practical book written by Glazebrook, Richard 
Elementary Mechanics Including Hydrostatics and Pneumatics book written by Lodge, Oliver , Lodge, Alfred , Lodge, Charles S. 
An Elementary Course in Practical Zoology book written by Colton, Buel Preston 
Elemantary Agriculture with Practical Arithmetic book written by And Haselwood, Hatch 
The Elementary Nervous System book written by Parker, George Howard 
An Elementary Treatise on the Lunar Theory, with a Brief Sketch of the History of the Problem Before Newton book written by Godfray, Hugh 
The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art book written by Anonymous 
Elementary Hydrostatics, with Numerous Examples book written by Phear, John Budd 
Elementary Woodwork for Use in Manual Training Classes.. book written by Seldon, Frank Henry 
[Elementary Treatise on Mechanics] book written by [Potter, Richard 
The Elements of Algebra; Designed for the Use of Schools. from the 13th London Ed. a Key to Algebra book written by Colenso, John William 
The Elementary Principles of Mechanics book written by Du Bois, A. Jay 1849-1915 
The Elementary Properties of the Elliptic Functions, with Examples book written by Dixon, Alfred Cardew 
An Elementary Treatise on Partial Differential Equations, Designed for the Use of Students in the University book written by Airy, George Biddell 
Elements of Conchology: Prepared for the Use of Schools and Collges book written by Ruschenberger, W. S. W. 1807-1895 , Milne-Edwards, H. 1800-1885 
Elementary Text-Book of Theoretical Mechanics (Kinematics and Statics) book written by Merrill, George A. B. 1866 
An Elementary Treatise on Trilinear Co-Ordinates: The Method of Reciprocal Polars, and the Theory of Projections book written by Ferrers, N. M. 1829-1903 
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