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Huge Assortment of History Books at WonderClub

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A School Atlas of English History book written by Gardiner, Samuel Rawson 
Saturday Evening book written by Taylor, Isaac 
Sea Warfare book written by Kipling, Rudyard 
Old Jack, a Man Of-War's Man and South-Sea Whaler book written by Kingston, William Henry Giles 
The New Purchase; Or, Seven and a Half Years in the Far West book written by Hall, Baynard Rush , Woodburn, James Albert 
Selections from the Prose and Poetry of Walt Whitman book written by Whitman, Walt , Triggs, Oscar Lovell 
Russian People; Revolutionary Recollections book written by Kantakuzen, Julia Grant 
A History of Norwegian Immigration to the United States from the Earliest Beginning to the Year 1848 book written by Flom, George T. 1871-1960 
Notes of a Son and Brother book written by James, Henry , Cu-Banc, Scribner Press Bkp 
Samuel Chapman Armstrong: A Biographical Study book written by Talbot, Edith Armstrong 
Hans of Iceland book written by Hugo, Victor 
Science and Human Affairs from the Viewpoint of Biology book written by Curtis, Winterton C. 1875 
Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift book written by Anonymous 
The New Movement in the Theatre book written by Cheney, Sheldon 
Miscellaneous Essays book written by Greg, William R. 1809 
The Greek Verb; Its Structure and Development book written by Curtius, Georg 
The History of Mediaeval Education: An Account of the Course of Educational Opinion and Practice from the Sixth to the Fifteenth Centuries, Inclusive book written by Williams, Samuel Gardner 
Hygiene for Young People Adapted to Intermediate Classes and Common Schools book written by Anonymous 
The Incarnation and Modern Thought book written by Case, Carl Delos 
Elements of Physics, with a Coloured Spectrum Plate book written by Houstoun, Robert Alexander 
Letters from Hell; book written by [Thisted, Valdemar Adolph 
The Lesson of Popular Government book written by Bradford, Gamaliel, Jr. 
Life at Laurel Town in Anglo-Saxon Kansas book written by Stephens, Kate 
Life and Letters of Horace Bushnell book written by Bushnell, Horace , Cheney, Mary A. Bushnell 
The Early Dawn; Or, Sketches of Christian Life in England in the Olden Time book written by Charles, Elizabeth Hrundlee , Smith, Henry Boynton 
The Duties and the Rights of Man, a Treatise on Ethics, in Which Are Demonstrated the Individual, Social and International Duties of Man, and His Indi book written by Austin, J. B. 
The Church, the People, and the Age book written by Scott, Robert , Gilmore, George William , Beckwith, Clarence Augustine 
Canterbury book written by Jenkins, Robert C. 1815 
A Brief Historical Relation of State Affairs, from Sept. 1678 to Apr. 1714 book written by Luttrell, Narcissus 
The Lands of the Saracen, Or, Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor, Sicily, and Spain book written by Taylor, Bayard 
Cain the Wanderer, a Vision of Heaven, Darkness; And Other Poems book written by Reade, John Edmund 
The Letters of Algernon Charles Swinburne book written by Swinburne, Algernon Charles , Gosse, Edmund , Wise, Thomas James 
Discoverers and Pioneers of America book written by Parker, Helen Eliza 1827 
The Library of American Biography book written by Sparks, Jared 
Country Driving: A Chinese Road Trip book written by Hessler, Peter 
Miss Ayr of Virginia and Other Stories (1896) Miss Ayr of Virginia and Other Stories (1896) book written by Magruder, Julia 
On the Science of Sensibility, Intelligence on the Science of Sensibility, Intelligence: Or Simple Element of Soul; And the Spirit of Life and Origino book written by Smith, John Nelson 
The Redemption of Kenneth Galt the Redemption of Kenneth Galt book written by Harben, Will N. 
History of the Second Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers History of the Second Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers: Its Camps, Marches and Battles (1865) book written by Haynes, Martin A. 
Tactics or Cupid in Shoulder-Straps Tactics or Cupid in Shoulder-Straps: A West Point Love Story (1863) a West Point Love Story (1863) book written by Drille, Hearton 
Elements of Synthetic Solid Geometry (1893) Elements of Synthetic Solid Geometry (1893) book written by Dupuis, N. F. 
Mere Literature and Other Essays (1896) Mere Literature and Other Essays (1896) book written by Wilson, Woodrow 
Indian Usage and Judge-Made Law in Madras (1887) book written by Nelson, James Henry 
American Ideas for English Readers (1892) American Ideas for English Readers (1892) book written by Lowell, James Russell , Stone, Henry 
The House of Falling Leaves, with Other Poems (1908) the House of Falling Leaves, with Other Poems (1908) book written by Braithwaite, William Stanley 
Christian Concord; Or the Agreement of the Associated Pastorchristian Concord; Or the Agreement of the Associated Pastors and Churches of Worcestershi book written by Baxter, Richard 
The Spectroscopy of the Extreme Ultra-Violet (1914) the Spectroscopy of the Extreme Ultra-Violet (1914) book written by Lyman, Theodore, Jr. 
Die Lehre Von Der Person Christi Entwickelt Aus Dem Selbstbewusstsein Christi Und Aus Dem Zeugnisse Der Apostel (1856) book written by Gess, Wolfgang Friedrich 
Etudes Sur La Litterature Contemporaine (1873) book written by Scherer, Edmond Henri Adolphe 
de L'Instruction Intermediaire Et de Son Etat Dans Le MIDI de L'Allemagne (1840) book written by Girardin, Saint-Marc 
German Historical Reading Book (1894) book written by Beresford-Webb, H. S. 
L'Italie Il y a Cent ANS Ou Lettres Ecrites D'Italie AA Quelques Amis En 1739 Et 1740 (1856) book written by De Brosses, Charles , Colom, Romain 
Frenzied Liberty: The Myth of a Rich Man's War (1918) book written by Kahn, Otto Hermann 
The Spy Unmasked; Or Memoirs of Enoch Crosby, Alias Harvey Bthe Spy Unmasked; Or Memoirs of Enoch Crosby, Alias Harvey Birch, the Hero of Mr. Cooper's book written by Barnum, H. L. 
The Early Years of Alexander Smith, Poet and Essayist the Early Years of Alexander Smith, Poet and Essayist: A Study for Young Men (1869) a Study for book written by Brisbane, Thomas 
Autobiography and Recollections of Incidents Connected with Autobiography and Recollections of Incidents Connected with Horticultural Affairs Horticul book written by Menand, Louis 
An  Essay on the Miracles Recorded in the Ecclesiastical Histan Essay on the Miracles Recorded in the Ecclesiastical History of the Early Ages (1843) book written by Newman, John Henry 
Histoire Des Revolutions de L'Empire D'Autriche (1855) book written by Balleydier, Alphonse 
Histoire Nationale Des Gaulois Sous Vercingetorix (1882) book written by Bosc, Ernest , Bonnemere, Lionel 
Jahreshefte Des Vereins Fr Vaterlndische Naturkunde in Wrttemberg, Volume 48 book written by Verein Fr Vaterlndische Naturkunde I., F , Staatliches Museum Fr Naturkunde in St, 
The Spirit of Chinese Philanthropy; A Study in Mutual Aid book written by Tsu, Yu Yue 
Kant's Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics book written by Kant, Immanuel , Carus, Paul 
Works, Including the Waverley Novels and the Poems book written by Scott, Walter 
A Guide to the Stage book written by Fryers, Austin 
The Autobiography of the Emperor Charles V book written by Charles V., Holy Roman Emperor , Simpson, Leonard Francis 
Diseases of Nutrition and Infant Feeding book written by Morse, John Lovett , Talbot, Fritz B. 1878-1964 
Blackwood's Magazine book written by Anonymous 
Cassell's Book of In-Door Amusements, Card Games, and Fireside Fun book written by Anonymous 
The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne book written by Hawthorne, Nathaniel 
A Career in the Law at Home and Abroad: Oral History Transcript / 1986 book written by McBaine, Turner Hudson , Hicke, Carole , Renfrew, Charles B. 
Bismarck; Some Secret Pages of His History, Being a Diary Kept by Dr. Moritz Busch During Twenty-Five Years' Official and Private Intercourse with the book written by Busch, Moritz 
Works book written by England, John 
Calendar book written by University of Strathclyde 
Case Usage in Petronius' Satires book written by Howard, Joseph Henry 
The Adventures of Captain Horn book written by Stockton, Frank Richard 
The Military Forces of the Crown: Their Administration and Government, Volume 2 book written by Clode, Charles Mathew 
Smmtliche Werke, Volumes 4-5 book written by Clara, Abraham A. Sancta 
The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer, Volume 3 book written by Burn, Richard , Chetwynd, George 
La Revue de Paris book written by Le Goupils, Marc 
Historisch-Politische Bltter Fr Das Katholische Deutschland, Volume 79 book written by Phillips, George , Binder, Franz , Jrg, Joseph Edmund 
Catholic World, Volume 83 book written by Fathers, Paulist , Making of America Project, Of America Project 
La Rivista Europea, Volume 9 book written by Anonymous 
Trial of Charles A. Edmonds, Commissioner of the Land Office of the State of Michigan, Before the Senate of Said State, on an Impeachment, Preferred b book written by Edmonds, Charles A. , Hitchcock, G. F. 
Bulletin de La Socit Dpartementale D'Archologie Et de Statistique de La Drme, Volumes 7-8 book written by Socit Dpartementale D'Archologie, Dpartementale D'Archologie 
Vie de Grgoire VII book written by De Vidaillan, Aza 
The Family Shakespeare [Expurgated by T. Bowdler]. in Which Those Words Are Omitted Which Cannot with Propriety Be Read Aloud in a Family, by T. Bowdl book written by Shakespeare, William 
The Universe: Or, the Infinitely Great and the Infinitely Little. Tr. from the Fr book written by Pouchet, Flix Archimde 
On Parliamentary Government in England: Its Origin, Development, and Practical Operation, Volume 1 book written by Todd, Alpheus , Todd, Arthur Horatio 
Our Ancient Monuments and the Land Around Them book written by Kains-Jackson, Charles Philip 
Poems of Places Oceana 1 V.; England 4; Scotland 3 V: Iceland, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Asia, 3 America 5, Volume 18 book written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow , Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 
Our American Neighbors book written by Isaac Oscar Winslow , Winslow, Isaac Oscar 
Voyage to South America, Performed by Order of the American Government in the Years 1815 and 1610 in the Frigate Congress book written by HM Brackenridge , Brackenridge, Hm 
Dublin Examination Papers book written by Univ Dublin City , Dublin City, Univ 
The Philippic Orations, with Notes by J.R. King book written by Marcus Tullius Cicero , Cicero, Marcus Tullius 
The Constitution of Man Considered in Relation to External Objects book written by George Combe, Joseph Andrews Warne , Combe, George , Warne, Joseph Andrews 
Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, Volume 5 book written by Royal Institution of Cornwall, Institution Of Cornwall 
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