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Vichy, Resistance, Liberation: New Perspectives on Wartime France book written by Hanna Diamond 
Addresses on War book written by Charles Sumner 
French Home Front, 1914-1918 book written by Patrick Fridenson 
The Monarchy, the Estates and the Aristocracy in Renaissance France book written by J. Russell Major 
Structure of the Terror book written by Colin R. Lucas 
The French Revolution book written by Thomas Carlyle 
Norman Frontier in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries book written by Daniel Power 
Napoleon's Guards of Honour: 1813-14 book written by Patrice Courcelle 
Science and Polity in France: The End of the Old Regime book written by Charles Coulston Gillispie 
Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars book written by Stephen Pope 
War and Government in the French Provinces book written by David Potter 
The Formative Influences, Theories, and Campaigns of the Archduke Carl of Austria, Vol. 202 book written by Lee W. Eysturlid 
Vichy and the Eternal Feminine: A Contribution to a Political Sociology of Gender book written by Francine Muel-Dreyfus 
The French Revolution book written by Thomas Carlyle 
Government And Politics Of France book written by Anne Stevens 
Contesting the French Revolution book written by Paul R. Hanson 
The Revolution in Provincial France: Aquitaine, 1789-1799 book written by Alan I. Forrest 
Bibliographical Foundations of French Historical Studies book written by Lawrence J Mc Crank 
Decennial Souvenir, 1893 book written by J. Rider Cady 
Ruling Oneself Out: A Theory of Collective Abdications book written by Ivan Ermakoff 
The Huguenots and the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes book written by Henry M. Baird 
Pity in Fin-de-Siecle French Culture: "Liberte, Egalite, Pitie" book written by Gonzalo J. Sanchez 
France and the Second World War book written by Peter Davies 
Fragile Lives: Violence, Power, and Solidarity in Eighteenth-Century Paris book written by Arlette Farge 
France: Political and Social Change book written by John Girling 
Gendarmes and the State in Nineteenth-Century Europe book written by Clive Emsley 
Renaissance France 1483-1610 2 book written by Knecht 
The Paris Commune of 1871 book written by Frank Jellinek 
Humanity's Soldier: France and International Security, 1919-2001, Vol. 1 book written by David Chuter 
French Revolutionaries and English Republicans: The Cordeliers Club, 1790-1794 book written by Rachel Hammersley 
Impact of the French Revolution book written by Iain Hampsher-Monk 
Tecnología Lítica Del Paleolítico Inferior Del Noreste De La Península Ibérica Y Sureste De Francia book written by Joan Garcia Garriga 
Essays on the French Revolution: Paris and the Provinces book written by Steven G. Reinhardt 
French Society and the Revolution book written by Douglas Johnson 
Empire of Love: Histories of France and the Pacific book written by Matt K. Matsude 
History of the Third French Republic book written by Charles H. C. Wright 
Reforming French Protestantism: The Development of Huguenot Ecclesiastical Institutions, 1557-1572 book written by Glenn S. Sunshine 
The Jews in Medieval Normandy: A Social and Intellectual History book written by Norman Golb 
Stavisky: A Confidence Man in the Republic of Virtue book written by Paul F. Jankowski 
Carolingian Coinage and the Vikings: Studies on Power and Trade in the 9th Century book written by Simon Coupland 
Politics in the Rural Society: The Southern Massif Central c.17501880 book written by P. M. Jones 
The French Revolution book written by Thomas Carlyle 
Mazarin book written by Arthur Hassall 
Bourgeois Politics in France, 1945-1951 book written by Richard Vinen 
The French Home Front, 1914-1918 book written by Patrick Fridenson 
The Origins of the Welfare State: Women, Work, and the French Revolution book written by Lisa DiCaprio 
France from 1851 to the Present: Universalism in Crisis book written by Roger Celestin 
The War Against Paris, 1871 book written by Robert Tombs 
Republican Identities in War and Peace: Representations of France in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries book written by Antoine Prost 
French Warship Crews 1792-1805: From the French Revolution to Trafalgar book written by Terry Crowdy 
Early Modern France 1560-1715 book written by Robin Briggs 
French Ways and Their Meaning book written by Edith Wharton 
Soldier and Peasant in French Popular Culture, 1766-1870 book written by David M. Hopkin 
France Before the Revolution, Second Edition book written by J.H. Shennan 
Harnessing the Holocaust: The Politics of Memory in France book written by Joan B. Wolf 
The Cave of Fontèchevade: A New Investigation of the Site and its Paleoanthropological Implications book written by Philip G. Chase 
Communism in Rural France: French Agricultural Workers and the Popular Front book written by John Bulaitis 
Social Change in Modern France: Towards a Cultural Anthropology of the Fifth Republic book written by Henri Mendras 
The French Revolution book written by Thomas Carlyle 
Napoleon III and His Regime: An Extravaganza book written by David Baguley 
Government and Politics France book written by Andrew Knapp 
Lebanon: War and Politics in a Fragmented Society book written by Charles Winslow 
Rites and Passages: Beginnings of Modern Jewish Culture in France, 1650-1860 book written by Jay R. Berkovitz 
Workers' Participation in Post-Liberation France book written by Adam Steinhouse 
From Slavery to Feudalism in South-Western Europe book written by Pierre Bonnassie 
The French Revolution book written by Thomas Carlyle 
Metallurgie des Depots de Bronzes a la Fin de L'Age du Bronze Final (IXe-VIIIe av. J.-C.) Dans le Domaine Sarre-Lorraine: Essai de Caracterisation D¿une Production Bronziere au Travers des Etudes Techniques book written by Cecile Veber 
Parties And The Party System In France book written by Andrew Knapp 
Notes and Remembrances, 1871-1872 book written by Ludovic Halévy 
French Intellectuals Against the Left: The Antitotalitarian Moment of the 1970's book written by Michael Scott Christofferson 
Riding the New Wave: Youth and the Rejuvenation of France after the Second World War book written by Richard Ivan Jobs 
Norman Frontier in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries book written by Daniel Power 
Literature, Art and the Pursuit of Decay in Twentieth-Century France book written by Timothy Mathews 
Women's Rights And Women's Lives In France 1944-1968 book written by Claire Duchen 
The French Revolution: A History book written by Thomas Carlyle 
Revolution and Counter-Revolution in France, 1815-1852 book written by William Fortesque 
Les Albigeois book written by Celestin Douais 
Revolutionary Europe: 1783 - 1815 book written by George Rude 
Classes, Estates and Order in Early-Modern Brittany book written by James B. Collins 
The Napoleonic Empire book written by Geoffrey Ellis 
Venality: The Sale of Offices in Eighteenth-Century France book written by William Doyle 
Fighting France, from Dunkerque to Belfort book written by Edith Wharton 
France in Modern Times: From the Enlightenment to the Present book written by Gordon Wright 
Rethinking The French Revolution book written by George C. Comninel 
Lectures on the French Revolution book written by Acton 
Framing the Nation: Documentary Film in Interwar France book written by Alison J. Murray Levine 
Political Institutions in Contemporary France book written by Robert Elgie 
France And The Origins Of The Second World War book written by Young 
Creation of Brittany book written by Michael Jones 
An Historical Geography of France book written by Xavier De Planhol 
The Senate of the Fifth French Republic book written by Paul Smith 
The People's Armies book written by Richard Cobb 
Historical Dictionary Of The French Fourth And Fifth Republics, 1946-1991 book written by Wayne Northcutt 
Stranger in Paris book written by Mitchell 
The National Front and French Politics: The Resistible Rise of Jean-Marie Le Pen book written by Jonathan Marcus 
The French Foreign Office and the Origins of the First World War, 1898-1914 book written by M. B. Hayne 
War and Liberation in France: Living with the Liberation book written by Hilary Footitt 
The Cathars And The Albigensian Crusade book written by Michael Costen 
The French Revolution: The Essential Readings book written by Schechter 
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