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Speeches and Writings of Sarojini Naidu book written by Naidu, Sarojini 
Xantes Mariales book written by Surhone, Lambert M. , Timpledon, Miriam T. , Marseken, Susan F. 
The Correspondence of Madame Du Noyer book written by Du Noyer , Layard, Florence Louisa , Du Noyer, 1663-1719 
The Conquest of Mexico book written by Prescott, William Hickling , Henderson, Keith 
Buyers and Sellers in the Cotton Trade, Being a Handbook for Merchants, Shippers, Manufacturers, and Others Who Are Interested as Producers or Distrib book written by Heylin, Henry Brougham 
The Atomic Theory of Lucretius Contrasted with Modern Doctrines of Atoms and Evolution book written by John Masson , Masson, John 
The Know-Nothing Party: A Sketch book written by Desmond, Humphrey J. 1858 
The Chess Openings book written by Gunsberg, Gunsberg 
Cement and Concrete Fence Posts book written by Bainer, H. M. , Bonebright, Herbert B. 
An Architectural Monographs on Fences and Fence Posts of Colonial Times book written by Hopkins, Alfred , Whitehead, Russell F. 1884 
An Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture, at Brighton, Oct. 14, 1835 book written by Dearborn, H. A. S. 1783 
Donizetti's Opera, La Fille Du Regiment book written by Gaetano Donizetti, Henri Saint-Georges, M 1796-1853 Bayard , Donizetti, Gaetano , Saint-Georges, Henri , Bayard, M. 1796 
The Story of Greece: Told to Boys and Girls book written by Mary Macgregor , MacGregor, Mary 
Costs and Statistics; Basic Cost Principles, Mapping Out the Cost System, Graphs and Statistics, Expense Control book written by Anonymous 
Business Cycles and the Depression of 1920-1 book written by Clark, William Clifford 
Riyazu-S-Salatin; A History of Bengal. Translated from the Original Persian by Maulavi Abdus Salam book written by Salim, Ghulam Husain 
The Raghuvamsa. with the Commentary of Mallinatha. Edited with Notes by Shankar P. Pandit book written by Kalidasa, Kalidasa , Mallinatha, Mallinatha , Pandit, Shankar Pandurang 
My Story book written by Mills, Anson , Claudy, C. H. 1879 
The Law of Municipal Bonds book written by Dillon, John Forrest 
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Astronomer Poet of Persia book written by Khayyam, Omar, Jr. , Fitzgerald, Edward , Macdougall, William Brown 
The Selling Process, a Handbook of Salesmanship Principles book written by Norval Abiel Hawkins , Hawkins, Norval Abiel 
Sankt Franziskus Von Assisi in Kunst Und Legende book written by Beda Kleinschmidt , Kleinschmidt, Beda 
Sandro Botticelli: The Nativity, in the National Gallery, London book written by John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy , Pope-Hennessy, John Wyndham 
The Samyutta-Nikaya of the Sutta-Pitaka. Edited by M. Leon Feer book written by L?on Feer, Caroline Augusta Rhys Davids , Feer, Leon , Davids, Caroline Augusta Rhys , Pali Text Society (London, England) 
Scenes of Parisian Life book written by Balzac, Honore De 
Scientific Reports book written by Expedition, Australasian Antarctic , Mawson, Douglas 
The Ancient Monuments of North and South America book written by C S. 1783-1840 Rafinesque , Rafinesque, C. S. 1783 
Greco-Roman and Arabic Bronze Instruments and Their Medico-Surgical Use book written by S?ren Holth , Holth, Soren 
The Art of Poetry; book written by W P. 1855-1923 Ker , Ker, William Paton 
Wild Animals I Have Known and 200 Drawings book written by Ernest Thompson Seton , Seton, Ernest Thompson 
Cemented-Carbide Tools; Carbides and Bonding Agents Used for Metal Cutting, the Design, Care and Maintenance of Tipped Tools book written by D H Shute , Shute, D. H. 
The Science of Aesthetics: Or the Nature, Kinds, Laws and Uses of Beauty book written by Day, Henry Noble 
Railway Shop Up to Date; A Reference Book of Up to Date American Railway Shop Practice book written by Maham H Haig , Haig, Maham H. 
Miscellaneous Works of the Late Thomas Young book written by Thomas Young, Jophn Leitch , Young, Thomas , Leitch, Jophn 
The Ethics of Aristotle, Illustrated with Essays and Notes book written by Aristotle Aristotle, Alexander Grant , Aristotle, Aristotle , Grant, Alexander 
Catalogue of the Medici Archives, Consisting of Rare Autograph Letters, Records and Documents, 1084-1770 book written by Medici, Lorenzo De , Tyler, Royall , Medici, House Of Archives 
The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language: Prepared Under the Superintendence of William Dwight Whitney book written by Whitney, William Dwight 
The Little Duke: Richard the Fearless book written by Yonge, Charlotte Mary 
The Return of the Native book written by Hardy, Thomas 
Mars and Its Canals book written by Percival Lowell , Lowell, Percival 
History of Chemistry book written by T E. Thorpe , Thorpe, T. E. 
The Collected Mathematical Works of George William Hill book written by George William Hill , Hill, George William 
The Ambassadors book written by Henry James , James, Henry 
Mexican Painting and Painters; A Brief Sketch of the Development of the Spanish School of Painting in Mexico book written by Lamborn, Robert Henry 
German Philosophy and Politics book written by John Dewey , Dewey, John 
Harvard College. Portraits. Class of '66, 1866-1906 book written by Harvard College (178 , Harvard College (1780- ). Class of 1866 
Horace Walpole and His World: Select Passages from His Letters book written by Horace Walpole, Leonard Benton Seeley , Walpole, Horace , Seeley, Leonard Benton 
The History of the Christian Church: From the Birth of Christ to the Eighteenth Century, Including the Very Interesting Account of the Waldenses and A book written by William Jones , Jones, William 
The Screw Propeller: And Other Competing Instruments for Marine Propulsion book written by A E. 1848-1930 Seaton , Seaton, A. E. 1848 
The History of Birds book written by Anonymous 
History of the Town of Savoy book written by H Elmer Miller , Miller, H. Elmer 
Lectures on the Experimental Psychology of the Thought-Processes book written by Edward Bradford Titchener, Forrest Lee. fmo Dimmock , Titchener, Edward Bradford , Dimmock, Forrest Lee Fmo 
A Second Visit to the United States of North America, Volume I book written by Lyell, Charles 
How We Built the Union Pacific Railway book written by Dodge, Grenville M. 
Domestic Manners of the Americans book written by Trollope, Frances Milton 
Triumphant Democracy or Fifty Years March of the Republic book written by Carnegie, Andrew 
The Communistic Societies of the United States: From Personal Visit and Observation: Including Detailed Accounts of the Economists, Zoarites, Shakers, book written by Nordhoff, Charles 
American Scenery: Or, Land, Lake, and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature. from Drawings by W.H. Bartlett book written by Willis, Nathaniel Parker 
The British Invasion of Maryland, 1812-1815 book written by Marine, William Matthew 
Thirty-One Years on the Plains and in the Mountains, Or, the Last Voice from the Plains; Authentic Record of a Life Time of Hunting, Trapping, book written by Drannan, William F. 
Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West - With Col. Fremont's Last Expedition Across the Rocky Mountains - Including Three Months' Residence book written by Carvalho, Solomon Nunes 
Society, Manners and Politics in the United States (Dodo Press) book written by Chevalier, Michel 
Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific O book written by United States War Department 
Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific O book written by United States War Department 
Purloined Pines & Time and Tides book written by Bottoms, William D. 
The Pemberton Casualties: Being a Compilation of the Final Payroll, the City Clerk's Vital Records, Cemetery Records, and Other Information abou book written by Oickle, Alvin F. 
After the Republic book written by Blevins, Joe L. 
The Black Hills: A Minute Description of the Routes, Scenery, Soil, Climate, Timber, Gold, Geology, Zoology, Etc. (1876) book written by Dodge, Richard Irving 
Travels in the United States, Etc; During 1849 and 1850 book written by Stuart-Wortley, Emmeline , Stuart-Wortley, Lady Emmeline 
The Epics of Hesiod, with an Engl. Comm. by F.A. Paley book written by Hesiodus 
The Life and Epistles of St. Paul book written by The Rev W. J. Conybeare, The Rev J. S. 
Manual of Psychiatry book written by De Fursac, Joseph Rogues , Rosanoff, Aaron Joshua 
A Memorial of the Reverend William Edward Merriman, D. D., 1825-1892 book written by Anonymous 
Geschichte Der Goldenen Horde in Kiptschak, Das Ist: Der Mongolen in Russland, Part 1 book written by Hammer-Purgstall, Joseph 
Luni-Solar and Horary Tables, with Their Application in Nautical Astronomy book written by Taylor, Janet 
As Tres Irmans: Romance book written by Branco, Camilo Castelo 
How to Speak French book written by Albits, Achille 
Memorias del General O'Leary, Publ. Por S.B. O'Leary book written by Anonymous 
A Diary of the Siege of the Legations in Peking: During the Summer of 1900 book written by Oliphant, Nigel 
Diary of Colonel Israel Angell: Commanding the Second Rhode Island Continental Regiment During the American Revolution, 1778-1781 book written by Israel Angell, Angell 
L'Afrique Occidentale: Nouvelles Aventures de Chasse Et de Voyage Chez Les Sauvages book written by Chaillu, Paul Belloni Du 
Les Bureaux Arabes de Bugeaud Et Les Cercles Militaires de Gallini book written by Ringel, Albert 
An Elementary Introduction to the Taita Language, Eastern Equatorial Africa book written by Wray, Joseph Alfred 
Excursions in the Abruzzi and Northern Provinces of Naples, Volume 2 book written by Craven, Keppel Richard 
Dictionnaire Des Lgendes Du Christianisme, Ou Collection D'Histoires Apocryphes, ... de Vies Des Saints ... Galement Apocryphes Et de Chants Populaire book written by De Douhet, Jules 
Historia de Yucatan: La Guerra Social. 1847-188l book written by Ancona, Eligio 
Chimney Design and Theory: A Book for Engineers and Architects book written by Christie, William Wallace 
Iron Mines and Mining in New Jersey book written by Bayley, William Shirley 
Ioannis Stob]i Florilegium book written by Stobaeus, Joannes , Gainsford, Thomas 
Yucatn y Belice: Coleccion de Documentos Importantes Que Se Refieren Al Tratado de 8 de Julio de 1893, Celebrado Entre El Sr. LIC. Igna book written by Yucatn 
Letters Received by the East India Company from Its Servants in the East, Volume 2 book written by Foster, William , East India Company, India Company 
A Selection from the Papers of the Earls of Marchmont, in the Possession of the Right Hon. Sir George Henry Rose book written by Marchmont, Patrick Hume 
Estudios del Reinado de Felipe IV book written by Del Castillo, Antonio Cnovas 
A Practical and Philological Text-Book on the Analysis of Sentences, Parsing and Punctuation book written by Jones, John I. 
Collection of Pamphlets and Articles Dealing with Zionism, Jewish Identity and Nationalism, and the Potential for a Jewish State book written by Anonymous 
Vorschule Zum Ulfila, Oder, Grammatik Der Gothischen Sprache Zur Selbstbelehrung book written by Stamm, Freidrich Ludwig 
Les Rivalits: La Vieille Fille. Le Cabinet Des Antiques book written by De Balzac, Honor 
Deutsche Geschichte Im Mittelalter (Bis 1500) book written by Kurze, Friedrich 
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