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Salmon to a Fly: Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon in the Open Ocean book written by Jim Crawford 
Fly Fishing Strategy book written by Doug Swisher 
Sea Fishing - An Account Of The Methods Of Angling As Practised On The English Coast book written by F.G. Aflalo 
Still Water Fly Fishing for Trout book written by James 
Nervous Water: Variations on a Theme of Fly Fishing book written by Steve Raymond 
Fly Casting for Everyone book written by Gary Lewsi 
MATCHING MAYFLIES, SB book written by Dave Hughes 
Angling Sketches book written by Andrew Lang 
Trout Fly Fishing book written by Martin Cairncross 
Swimming with Trout book written by Chad Hanson 
Call of the River book written by Phillip Weigall 
Tying Trout Flies: 12 of the Best book written by Deke Meyer 
Fly Waters Near and Far: Today's Trout book written by Barry Beck 
The Executive's Guide to Fly Fishing book written by Tim Killeen 
On the Mother Lagoon: Flyfishing and the Spiritual Journey book written by Kathy Sparrow 
Fly Fishin' Fool book written by James Babb 
Fly Rodding the Coast book written by Ed Mitchell 
Fishing with My Old Guy book written by Paul Quarrington 
Catching Big Fish on Light Fly Tackle book written by Tom Wendelburg 
Game Fishing: A Step-by-Step Handbook book written by Peter Gathercole 
ROD CRAFTING, SB book written by Jeffrey L. Hatton 
Time, Tide, and Place: A Coastal Fly Fishers Chronicle: Photographs and Fishing Reports book written by Ted Hendrickson 
The Contemplative Angler book written by Roy Wall 
Fishing Small Streams with a Fly Rod book written by Charles R. Meck 
Fly-Fishin' Fool: The Adventures, Misadventures, and Outright Idiocies of a Compulsive Angler book written by James R. Babb 
Salmon Camp: The Boland Brook Story book written by Livingston Parsons 
Pacific Rim Fly Fishing: The Unrepentant Predator book written by Jim Repine 
Zane Grey: On Fishing book written by Terry Mort 
The Orvis Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing for Stillwater Trout: Flies, Presentations, and Equipment for Taking Trout in Lakes and Ponds book written by Jim Lepage 
West with the Rise: Fly-Fishing Across America book written by James Barilla 
Tying Flies: For Trophy Trout book written by Jack Shaw 
Cathy Beck's Fly-Fishing Handbook: Revised and Updated book written by Cathy Beck 
The Orvis Fly-Casting Guide: How to Cast Effectively in Every Fly-Fishing Situation book written by Tom Deck 
WOOLLY WISDOM, HB book written by Gary Soucie 
Imitating and Fishing Natural Fish Foods: Everything an Angler Needs to Know About the Foods that Trout Eat and How to Imitate Them book written by Dave Whitlock 
Fly Casting: Illustrated in Color book written by Jim Schollmeyer 
The Adaptable Flyfisher: Wild Trout and Coarse Fish on Fly book written by Lou Stevens 
Bait Casting book written by Gilmer Robinson 
The Small Stream Dry Fly book written by Lou Stevens 
Thomas and Bray's Still Water Fly Swotter book written by G. R. Thomas 
How To Catch Bottomfish book written by Charlie White 
Great Lakes Steelhead: A Guided Tour for Fly-Anglers book written by Bob Linsenman 
The Other Side of the Stream book written by C. B. McCully 
Mountain Water: The Way of the High-Country Angler book written by Craig Martin 
Streams of Consciousness: Hip-Deep Dispatches from the River of Life book written by Jeff Hull 
Lake Fly Fishing Guide: Mount Hood Lakes book written by Jim Bradbury 
The Fly and the Fish book written by John Atherton 
Drag-Free Drift: Leader Design and Presentation Techniques for Fly Fishing book written by Joseph A. Kissane 
Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation book written by Charles Cotton 
Bait Casting With A Thermometer book written by Frank R. Steel 
Behind the Counter book written by Neil L. Jennings 
Morris and Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes book written by Skip Morris 
Float Tube Fly Fishing book written by Deke Meyer 
Salt Water Fly Fishing book written by Joe Brooks 
Fly Fishing Desert and High Arid Lakes book written by Steve Probasco 
Dry Fly and Fast Water book written by George La Branche 
Flies in the Water, Fish in the Air: A Personal Introduction to Fly Fishing book written by Jim Arnosky 
Master the Cast: Fly Casting in Seven Lessons book written by Jr. Roberts 
The Fly Fisher's Guide to Crimes of Passion: More Sedition from the Master of Meander book written by Seth Norman 
Sight-Fishing the Flats and Beyond book written by Nick Karas 
Billfish on a Fly book written by Jack Samson 
Practical Bait Casting book written by Larry St. John 
Bass Bug Fishing book written by William G. Tapply 
The Complete Guide to New Zealand Trout Lures book written by Derek Quilliam 
Fly Fishing Always book written by George A. Marzluf 
Editors in the Stream: 11 Top Outdoor Editors on the Purifying Joys of Fly Fishing book written by Tom Tolnay 
Crosscurrents: A Fly Fisher's Progress book written by James R. Babb 
Saltwater Gamefishes of the World book written by Bob Dunn 
More Flies, Flowers, Fur and Feather book written by John Cawthorne 
Trout Hunting book written by Bob Wyatt 
Ultralight Spin-Fishing: A Practical Guide for Fresh and Saltwater Anglers book written by Peter F. Cammann 
If Fish Could Scream: An Angler's Search for the Future of Fly Fishing book written by Paul Schullery 
West Coast fly Fisher: A Celebration of West Coast Flies book written by Brian Chan 
Gone Fishin': Ruminations on Fly Fishing book written by William G. Tapply 
The Orvis Pocket Guide to Streamer Fishing: How, Where, and When to Use This Effective Technique book written by Patrick Straub 
Bonefish Tarpon Permit: Fly Fishing Guide book written by Al Raychard 
Flyfishing Alaska book written by Anthony J. Route 
Fly Fishing for Trout book written by Bob Church 
Contemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia book written by Art Lingren 
John Goddard's Trout-Fishing Techniques: Practical Fly-Fishing Solutions from an International Master book written by John Goddard 
Handcrafting a Graphite Fly Rod book written by L.A. Garcia 
Lefty's Favorite Fly-Fishing Waters book written by Lefty Kreh 
Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing Knots and Other Large Game Fish: Knots for Super Braid, Dacron, Braid and Monofilament Lines book written by Larry V. Notley 
Joe Brooks on Fishing book written by Don Sedgwick 
101 Fly-Fishing Tips: Practical Advice From a Master Angler book written by Lefty Kreh 
Stewart on the Wet Fly: Lessons from a Master Tactician book written by Paul Schullery 
FAMOUS BC FF WATERS, SB book written by Art Lingren 
Flats Fishing II: A Shoalwater Handbook book written by Jan S. Maizler 
Royal Coachman: Adventures in the Fly Fisher's World book written by Paul Schullery 
A Woman's Guide to Fly Fishing Favorite Waters: The Nations Top Female Fly Fishing Authorities Give You a Quick, Clear Understanding of How to Fly Fish Their Favorite Waters book written by Yvonne Graham 
The Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting book written by Ron Arra 
Dapping: A Guide to the Traditional Method for Fishing Flies That Fly, Quiver, and Jump book written by Robert H. Boyle 
Fly Casting book written by Gilmer G. Robinson 
SIGHT-FSHNG STRIPED BASS, HB book written by Alan Caolo 
CONTEMP FLY PTTRNS BC, HB book written by Art Lingren 
Distance Casting : Words and Ways of the Saltwater Fishing Life book written by Sid Dobrin 
John Bailey's Complete Guide to Fly Fishing book written by John Bailey 
ROD CRAFTING, HB book written by Jeffrey L. Hatton 
Pocket Guide to Lure Fishing for Trout in a Stream book written by Ron Cordes 
Bert Darrow's Practical Fly Fishing: How to Cast and Fish Naturally book written by Bert Darrow 
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