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Video Game Vintage Title Full Auto 2: Battlelines

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Full Auto 2: Battlelines

Full Auto 2: Battlelines

Full Auto 2: Battlelines is the second Full Auto game and is available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. It is developed by Pseudo Interactive on PS3 and by Deep Fried Entertainment on PSP and published by Sega.

Full Auto 2: Battlelines Gameplay

Full Auto 2 features the same controller configuration as the Xbox 360 version. The points system from the first game was removed. The upgrades for the weapons from the front and rear are no longer featured in the game. It features Base Assault (online only) where one team must defend the base, while the others will charge and destroy their rivals, as well as their base.

In the single player mode, players have to get to the end of the track by a certain time or destroy a certain amount of objects or vehicles to win. The player also at times must complete a race by making sure an ally survives the laps or time allotted.

Career mode entails that the player completes primary objectives to continue/pass the level that usually consist of protecting an alley, finishing a race first, or by killing a selected target. The target is occasionally a boss battle, which there are quite a few of in this game, sometimes in large battle arenas that are a bit like a gladiator coliseum. Players may also complete secondary objectives each level, but must complete the primary objectives first to complete the level to earn the completed secondary objectives. There is always secondary objectives usually consisting of 3. When you complete the required primary objectives you may be rewarded with a car or a weapon and if you complete the designated amount of secondary objectives you may obtain a car, weapon, or a car skin that is basically a really cool paint scheme.

The plot of Career mode in the PS3 version involves SAGE, a sentient who is tasked with guiding Meridian City (in which the game is set in) through times of crises, recruits the player to face off against the Ascendants, a group that tries to take over and terrorize the city through vehicular-combat tournaments. The player is to compete, facing off against rivals (who are ranked) and challengers (who are not) as well as their lieutenants. Within each defeat, this allows SAGE to help locate her safeguard component, which shuts down her programming should she ever turn hostile towards humanity, and recover her database that contains her learning history.

Eventually the player comes across the Ascendants' leader who drives the "S" class vehicle Warlord that contains SAGE's safeguard. After the leader is defeated and the safeguard shut down, SAGE's database is reactivated and through her learning history, deduces by machine theory that the only way to protect humanity from themselves is through their destruction. The player is forced to fight her, whose database is in another "S" class vehicle named Executioner, and her personal army and chases her to her lair, a deserted military base where she prepares to have Meridian City destroyed. Through the use of weapons located there, SAGE is eventually defeated.

In the PSP version, SAGE has been created to aid the world, rather than just one city, against natural disasters that had already claimed millions of lives throughout the years. As the sentient had easily come up with solutions faster than humanity could, their dependence on SAGE greatly increased, ultimately serving her as a result. In response to this, vehicular-combat tournaments are held by the Master/Slave Organization (MSO), a group of scientists turned revolutionary wannabes whose aim is to ensure the end of SAGE's influence and ultimately take control of the world themselves. Soon enough, the MSO is ravaged by the very combat they have hosted, leaving total control up to anyone who is able to dominate the competition.

The player enters the MSO's tournaments for their own purposes, rather than assisting SAGE. After defeating rivals across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the MSO's leader, Nosferatu, is revealed to fight with his lair is a castle in Northern Europe. After his defeat, the player can allow SAGE to continue its original role or have her disabled, therefore freeing humanity from their dependence on her.

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