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Video Game Vintage Title Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, originally released in Japan as Shin Sangokumusou Multi Raid , is a hack and slash video game for the PlayStation Portable. It is based on Dynasty Warriors 6. It was released in Spring 2009 for North America and Europe. A console release of the game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was released in Japan on October 1, 2009. A US version was also released on February 16, 2010. Its sequel Shin Sangokumusou Multi Raid 2 was released in Japan on March 11, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Gameplay

It contains new features such as Awakenings (Or Shin Musou Kakusei in Japan) which is similar to an upgraded version of Musou Rage in Dynasty Warriors 5. The Awakening drastically affects the appearance of the character and increases their stats. Another new feature is the ability to equip a sub weapon which can be any weapon in the game, the player can also equip orbs and chi to customize and boost the characters.

ReceptionGameZone's Dakota Grabowski gave the console versions a 6.5/10, saying "The changes are a blessing to both naysayers and fans alike. If the team can move towards more entertaining elements, then the Dynasty Warriors may end up in the spotlight with critical praise."

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