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Video Game Vintage Title Adventure (1979 Video Game)

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Adventure (1979 Video Game)

Adventure (1979 Video Game)

Adventure is a 1979 maze video game for the Atari 2600 video game console and as the best-selling early action-adventure game, helped to establish the genre. Its creator, Warren Robinett, introduced the first widely known Easter egg to the gaming world.

Adventure (1979 Video Game) Gameplay

The player's goal is to find the enchanted chalice and return it to the gold castle. The player character, represented by a square, explores a multi-screen landscape containing castles, mazes, and various rooms. Hidden throughout the world are a sword, keys that unlock each of the three castles (gold, black, and white), a magic bridge that allows the player to travel through walls, and a magnet that attracts the other items toward it.

Roaming the world are three dragons:

Yorgle, the yellow dragon, who is afraid of the Golden Key and will run from it. He guards the chalice (whenever he can find it), or helps other dragons guard items.

Grundle, the green dragon. He guards the magnet, the bridge, the black key, and the chalice

Rhindle, the red dragon, who is the fastest and most aggressive. He guards the white key and chalice.

A dragon can be "killed" by touching it with the sword. If the console's right difficulty switch is in the "A" position, the dragons will run away when they see the sword.

When a dragon touches the player, it will "strike" (remaining motionless for a moment with its mouth open, (waiting for a shorter time if the console's left difficulty switch is in the "A" position) and then "swallow" the player, who becomes trapped in the dragon's belly. While the dragon's mouth is opened, it cannot be killed.

A black bat flies around randomly carrying any single object, including live or dead dragons, which it occasionally swaps with another object along its flight path. The player can catch the bat and carry it around. The bat continues to fly even after the player has been killed, and occasionally the bat will pick up the dragon whose stomach contains the player, giving the player a whirlwind tour of the Adventure universe. The player can sometimes trap the bat inside castles. The bat's name was intended to be Knubberrub, but that name never made it into the manual.

There are three different games available via the game select switch:

Game 1 is a simplified version of the game and does not have the red dragon, the bat, the catacombs, the white castle, or the maze inside the black castle. The objects in game 1 are always in the same starting locations.

Game 2 is the full version, having all the features described. The locations of the objects at the start of a new game are always the same.

Game 3 is similar to Game 2, but the initial locations of the objects are randomized, providing a different game each time, though the location of the dot is consistent. The randomization of Game 3 makes its difficulty highly variable, and it is occasionally unsolvable.

When a player is eaten by a dragon, he does not have to start over. Hitting the game reset switch resurrects the player back at the gold castle and resurrects any dead dragons; the objects all remain where they were at the time of the player's death. This is one of the earliest usages of the "continue game" feature, now common in video games. Hitting the game select switch after death returns the game to the game select screen, losing the current game's state.

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