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In Memory of Bernard of Hollywood

August 21, 1912 – June 3, 1987

This memorial website was created in the memory of Bernard of Hollywood, born in on August 21, 1912 and passed away on June 3, 1987 at 74 years of age.


Full name: Bernard of Hollywood
Born: August 21, 1912
Passed away: June 3, 1987
Age: 74 years of age
Birthplace: Germany

Bruno Bernard, professionelly known as Bernard of Hollywood, was a superlative glamour photographer of Holywood's golden era. He was called the "king of Hollywood glamour", the "Discoverer" of Marilyn Monroe, and the "Vargas of photography".
He fled Hitler´s Germany in 1937 with a degree in criminal law, but turned to photography. His first studio, opened 1942 on the Sunset strip became a hollywood landmark. Branches in Las Vegas and Palm Springs followed. In 1984 he was the first still photographer honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences, for his photographs of such legends as Clark Gable, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren etc.. His work was also shown in New York's MoMA and in the International Center of Photography. His photographs were published in hundreds of magazines and in several books.

Bruno Bernard better known under his artist name Bernard of Hollywood, was one the largest glamour photographers in the golden age Hollywoods. He was called the "Discoverer" of Marilyn Monroe. Its conception of the perfect model was the "natural, normal American girl".
One of his most famous photographs is the photo of Marilyn Monroe, on which she stands over the ventilation shaft of the underground and is blown their white skirt into air. Developed 1954 during the photographs to " 7 Year Itch". Actors and actresses did not only rank among his models - he photographed also stripper inside and showgirls. Photos, which were often censored and today as works of art to apply.

Bruno Bernard photographed the first titlepicture for the magazine "Romances", in 1946 with - at this time - unknown Norma Jean Baker - which later turned her name in Marylin Monroe. At that time Bruno Bernard was able to help Norma Jean Baker to receive her first movie contract at FOX studios.

Bernard left Hollywood in the 60s and returned to Berlin. There he published some books and worked as a portrait photographer and photojournalist, for the magazine "Spiegel" and others. 1965 he moved to Mallorca. There he photographed many celebrities (Marianne Koch, Theo Lingen, Curd Jügens, Gerd Fröbe, Miss Germany Ingeborg Martin, Lillian Müller, Senta Berger, Elisabeth Volkmann, Nadia Tiller, Charles Aznavour, Klaus Jürgen Wussow u.a.) and a lot of magazine titles for magazines like "Neue Revue", "Bunte" and more.

In 1987 Bruno Bernard died.

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