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The Big Book of Top Gear written by BBC Books


The Big Book of Top Gear written by BBC Books


Top Gear, the big, brash, loud and funny TV show of the bestselling motoring magazine, is BBC2’s most popular show. The Big Book of Top Gear 2009 promises to be the biggest, brashest, loudest and funniest annual of 2009.

If you like the Top Gear TV show but you wish it was made of paper and didn’t move around so much, this is the answer to your prayers. The Big Book of Top Gear is packed full of all the chunky, meaty, sometimes-a-bit-on-fire goodness:

• 27 previously unknown facts about the Stig
• Some of the most powerful cars ever to attack the track
• The raunchy story of Richard Hammond’s love affair with a small Opel
• An essential guide to May-style sheds for the modern gentleman
• Everything you wanted to know, but never found out, about Top Gear’s most exciting trips
• Comprehensive, fully illustrated arguments against both public transport and the humble caravan

Packed with action and all the power you’d expect from the petrol heads at Top Gear, The Big Book 2009 is the must-have for Top Gear fans, from teenagers to granddads and everyone in between.

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Title: The Big Book of Top Gear

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