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Spacefaring: The Human Dimension written by Albert A. Harrison


Spacefaring: The Human Dimension written by Albert A. Harrison


"An enjoyable, informative look at what living and working in space will really be like in the decades to come. Harrison explores the often unappreciated interaction of human psyche and technology in an environment filled with danger, challenge, and opportunity. A great read for space professionals or anyone interested in the future of our species as we expand into the 'final frontier.'"—Patricia Santy, former NASA Flight Surgeon and author of Choosing the Right Stuff: The Psychological Selection of Astronauts

"Spacefaring addresses in a powerful, cogent, and scholarly manner topics long ignored or swept aside in official reports and planning documents about space flight. It is a good, powerful and needed work."—Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut, Apollo 14

"Drawing on both recent developments and classic 'space lore,' Harrison takes his readers on refreshingly human-level odyssey through the still-widely-unknown challenges and opportunities that await us in a future off of our home planet."—James Oberg, author of Red Star in Orbit

"A roadmap to the future for teachers preparing students to live and work in space."—Don Scott, NASA Educator

"As a leading psychologist dealing with the human side of spaceflight, the author brings unique, somewhat philosophical, insights into the offworld experience of our species. This book is especially valuable to aerospace engineers and planners concerned with long-duration spaceflight and colonization. A seminal volume, it offers behavioral science perspectives on the challenge of creating a spacefaring civilization for the New Millennium."—Philip R. Harris, author of Living and Working in Space

"We are becoming a spacefaring species. Space stations have become commonplace and space tourism, the exploration of Mars and the first settlements in space are next. If these work, the sky's no limit. Harrison engagingly tells the human side of this unfolding adventure, providing us with a book ideal for courses in Humanity in Space and of interest to any reader who wants to know what we (and not just our machines) must do to flourish beyond the earth. "—Ben Finney, Chair, Space and Society Department,
International Space University

"Well-written, covers a range of reserach and makes several interesting points on almost every page."—Gerald Cecil, American Scientist

"An intelligent, challenging book...ideal for those with an interest in space travel and a desire to explore the cutting edge."—David Pitt, Booklist

"Marvelous reading...will be invaluable to aerospace engineers and future space travelers."—Cliff Pickover, Leonardo Digital Reviews

"An informed and upbeat appraisal of the human dimension of spaceflight, coupled with a cautious and wistful rumination on its prospects."—Alex Roland, Issues in Science and Technology

"The vast majority of space books focus on the hardware for getting there, and the environment, or lack thereof, that surrounds you.
In contrast, Harrison focuses on the human dimension....The book is by far the most comprehensive resource to date on the human factors of space flight."—Netsurfer Digest

American Scientist

Well-written, covers a range of research and makes several interesting points on almost every page.

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Title: Spacefaring: The Human Dimension

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