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Amsterdam: A Traveler's Literary Companion (Traveler's Literary Companion Series) written by Manfred Wolf


Amsterdam: A Traveler's Literary Companion (Traveler's Literary Companion Series) written by Manfred Wolf


Twenty stories by writers from Amsterdam are arranged by geographical region of the city for the traveler. Many stories appear in English for the first time. Contributors include Harry Mulisch, Cees Nooteboom, Marga Minco, and Bas Heijne among others.


Travel to one of the most dynamic cities in the world in the company of its finest writers. The stories in this volume will take you on a personal odyssey through the city's rich past to its dynamic present. Arranged by the areas of Amsterdam they illuminate, these stories offer up a rich literary banquet to the traveler who wishes to experience the character and soul of this great city. Join better-known Dutch writers such as Harry Mulisch and Cees Nooteboom, along with those whose writing appears in English here for the first time, as they lead you along the canals, through the neighborhoods, and from the past to the present in this rare collection of twentieth-century Dutch literature. Contributors include Cees Nooteboom, J.J. Voskuil, Simon Carmiggelt, J. Bernlef, Martin Bril, Remco Campert, Marion Bloem, Maarten 't Hart, Geert Mak, Hermine Landvreugd, Gerrit Komrij, Bas Heijne, Lizzy Sara May, Gerard Reve, Marga Minco, Harry Mulisch, and Hafid Bouazza.

Kirkus Reviews

Readers' groups ought to check out this publisher's series of geographically focused anthologies, which offer lively piecemeal portrayals of various faraway places in attractive, inexpensive volumes. This seventh in the series ranges from the travel essay (novelist Cees Nooteboom's lyrical "Amsterdam") to the humorous sketch (Simon Carmiggelt's Sholom Aleichem—like "Chickens") to fully developed stories and excerpts from longer works. The latter, which vividly evoke a city of contrasts (mainly of the old and the new) with a reputation for "tolerance and rationality," include knowing glimpses of bourgeois and artistic circles (Marion Bloem's "A Pounding Heart" and J. Bernlef's "The Three Galleries," respectively), slices of contemporary gay life (Bas Heijne's subtly understated "Flesh and Blood"), and plangent illustrations of the lingering aftermath of world war (Gerard Rev's unforgettable "The Decline of the Boslowits Family"). Another inviting and instructive Companion from Whereabouts.

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Title: Amsterdam: A Traveler's Literary Companion (Traveler's Literary Companion Series)

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