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A Thousand Peaks: Poems from China written by Orel O. Protopopescu


A Thousand Peaks: Poems from China written by Orel O. Protopopescu


About the Autjor

Siyu Liu was born in China. She is a graduate of Qinghua University and Jinghua Art School, and holds a master's degree in architecture from State University of New York at Buffalo. An architect and artist, she lives in Wading River, New York.

Orel Protopopescu, author, poet, and educator, leads seminars for teachers on creative writing and conducts prose and poetry workshops for students of all ages. Previous publications include two books for children, poetry, and a handbook on teaching writing. She lives with her family on Long Island.


A beautiful introduction to the art of Chinese poetry, presenting 35 poems in English and Chinese that span 19 centuries. The translator/authors evoke the mood and tone of the original poem while the illustrations foster an appreciation of the close relationship between poetry and other art forms. Each poem includes a literal translation and the accompanying text places each work in a historical and thematic context.

January 2002 - Library Bookwatch

Haunting, lyrical poems are intended to delight and fascinate poetry lovers of all ages. Striking, full-color illustrations intersperse the historical poems. . . .What truly sets A Thousand Peaks apart, however, is that the poems themselves are offered in bilingual format: their original Chinese characters, the romanized version of the Chinese words, a very strictly literal translation, and the modern poetic translation that attempts to properly ascribe nuances. Poetry devotees can compare translations and interpret the true meaning, heart, and soul of each poem for themselves.

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Title: A Thousand Peaks: Poems from China

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