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Kobzar's Children: A Century of Untold Ukranian Stories written by Marsha Skrypuch


Kobzar's Children: A Century of Untold Ukranian Stories written by Marsha Skrypuch


Among the authors whose work appear in Kobzar's Children with Marsha Skrypuch are:

  • Award-winning author Larry Warwaruk, whose contribution Bargain, set in Saskatchewan, is based on a true story,

  • The Winnipeg-born and -based Brenda Hasiuk whose fiction has been published in leading literary journals. Her contribution to the collection, It's Me Tatia, is set in Western Canada in 1919,

  • Paulette MacQuarrie, a freelance editor and producer of the English-language Ukrainian radio program, Nash Holos, in British Columbia,

  • Poems by Linda Mikolayenko, from Ethelbert, Manitoba, and Sonja Dunn, who has worked in television for almost 30 years, and

  • A high school student from Quebec, Kim Pawliw, who wrote a tribute to her Baba who, as a child was imprisoned with her family at the Spirit Lake Internment Camp.

The Many Circles of Hell, by Stefan Petelycky, a Ukrainian survivor of Aushwitz who now lives in British Columbia, is undoubtedly the most horrific story in the collection. Petelycky vividly describe the barbaric treatment suffered by him and his fellow former prisoners, many of them Ukrainians.

Children's Literature

This collection of stories was truly a labor of love, borne of the author's lifelong hunger for stories about Ukrainian immigrants like her forebears. Here, gathered together in the pages of a single volume, are stories covering nearly a hundred years of Ukrainian immigrant history, from 1905 to 2004. The stories occur in a variety of settings, from homesteads to cities, internment camps to nursing homes, Ukraine to Canada, and more. Find out how Ukrainian immigrants were treated by Canadian officials during World War I, discover how one boy lost his entire family but somehow escaped from the 1932—1933 Famine-Genocide, and chuckle about one lad's desperate longing for a pair of red boots to wear at a community concert. Read about a farm girl's prank, walk along with a refugee during World War II, and think about the significance of the recent Orange Revolution. And it's all within the pages of this slender book. In this and earlier works, Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch truly continues the tradition of the kobzars, traveling storytellers who collected and shared the stories of the Ukrainian people. Her works are always educational and informative, recounting tales and times that have been ignored and forgotten, but they are certainly never, ever dull.

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Title: Kobzar's Children: A Century of Untold Ukranian Stories

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