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This I Believe: On Love written by Dan Gediman


This I Believe: On Love written by Dan Gediman


This I Believe On Love

In this book, you'll discover a diverse and engaging collection of essays about love written by men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. From the uplifting to the poignant, these essays explore the many facets of love and show what is perhaps the most powerful and universal of human emotions at work in the joys and sorrows of everyday lives.

"I believe that love is not found in the mind or the heart. Love is found in the hands. Love is in the nightly back scratch I give my wife. My wife kneading the dough, that's love. Love is in the hand that crafts, sculpts, sews, caresses, soothes."
John Samuel Tieman, Missouri

"My husband's death affected our family greatly, but his life impacted it more. He will live as long as one of us is alive to remember and to love him. . . . I believe that love is stronger than death."
Opal Ruth Prater, Virginia

"Love is not about liking people. It is about seeing yourself in them. . . . There seems to be no substitute for the work of persistently imagining how I could be the other. This is what gives me the insights to actually change things. This, I believe, is how we are meant to love our enemies."
David Waln, Oregon

"We are all of us empty people, searching for meaning after our failures. Love is what enables us to pick up the pieces of our broken lives and go on, renewed, undeservedly but steadfastly."
Sarah Culp Searles, Tennessee


In the 1950s, Edward R. Murrow's radio program This I Believe gave voice to the feelings and treasured beliefs of Americans around the country. Fifty years later, the popular update of the series has been heard on public radio since 2005 and continues to explore the beliefs and guiding principles by which Americans live. This book brings together essays on love from people all around the country whose sentiments and stories will surprise, move, and inspire you.

Whether writing about romantic love or love for family and friends, love for pets, or love of nature, places, or humanity, these essayists share deeply personal thoughts on what love means to them, how they express it, and what it has taught them about themselves and others.

Dr. Ross Hays writes about how the families of seriously ill patients show him the power of love to heal. Lorraine Kelly, a lawyer, shares what her visits to jailed clients tell her about the power of love denied. For Shannon Denney, love is in the kitchen, where she connects to her family's past by making her grandmother's coconut pie, while for Debra Bronow, love is spread through gifts of her hand-knit socks. Playwright Louise Gray simply explains why love is like pickled pig feet.

In their intimate and honest stories, the contributors share acts of hope and faith, reflections on grief and loss, and celebrations of acceptance and forgiveness. A testament to the strength and endurance of the bonds that connect us, this collection is a wonderful gift for everyone who believes—or struggles to believe—in love.

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Title: This I Believe: On Love

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