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Vietnam Experience written by Kevin Hillstrom


Vietnam Experience written by Kevin Hillstrom


The Vietnam War was one of the most painful and divisive events in American history. The conflict, which ultimately took the lives of 58,000 Americans and more than three million Vietnamese, became a subject of bitter and impassioned debate. The most dramatic—and frequently the most enduring—efforts to define and articulate America's ill-fated involvement in Vietnam emerged from popular culture. American journalists, novelists, playwrights, poets, songwriters, and filmmakers—many of them eyewitnesses—have created powerful, heartfelt works documenting their thoughts and beliefs about the war. By examining those works, this book provides readers with a fascinating resource that explores America's ongoing struggle to assess the war and its legacies.

This encyclopedia includes 44 essays, each providing detailed information on an important film, song, or literary work about Vietnam. Each essay provides insights into the Vietnam-era experiences and views of the work's primary creative force, historical background on issues or events addressed in the work, discussion of the circumstances surrounding the creation of the work, and sources for further information. This book also includes an appendix listing of more than 275 films, songs, and literary works dealing with the war.


A fascinating and informative resource that examines the films, novels, memoirs, and songs that document the Vietnam War and its impact on American society.


Surveys popular expressions of such aspects as conscientious objectors and other draft resisters, policymakers of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, atrocities in Vietnam, desertion, the Kent State shootings, postwar reintegration into family networks, the rock and roll soundtrack to the war, and women war correspondents. Each of the 43 essays explores several works in terms of inspiration, circumstances surrounding the creation, plot summary, critical reaction, and sources for further reading. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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Title: Vietnam Experience

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