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Oxford Book of Christmas Poems written by Michael Harrison


Oxford Book of Christmas Poems written by Michael Harrison


What better time than Christmas to ponder the passing of the year, the mystery of the birth of Christ, the traditions of the season, and the expectation of what the New Year might usher in? And what better way to reflect on such themes than through poetry? This is a thought-provoking, satisfying collection that brings together 120 poems ranging from traditional wassailing songs to the work of contemporary poets, and featuring such well known writers as Ted Hughes, John Betjeman, W.H. Auden, Thomas Hardy, and others. Illustrated in both color and black and white by artists such as Peter Bailey, Charles Keeping and Ian Beck, it is an anthology to treasure from childhood through to adulthood.


This beautifully designed book, containing well over one hundred poems for Christmas, old and new, traditional and modern, has at last been issued in paperback.
The collection is organized into four sections starting in winter, moving through Advent, and arriving at the Nativity and the heart of the Christmas season. Finally, with the arrival of the Wise Men, comes the promise of a new year. Full of old chestnuts like "The Night Before Christmas", there are surprises here too in poems like Thomas Hardy's "Christmas: 1924" and Elizabeth Jennings' "Afterthought". The poets include Robert Lowell, John Betjeman, Elizabeth Coatsworth, William Blake, Madeleine L'Engle and many, many more.

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Title: Oxford Book of Christmas Poems

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