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Bullock, Sandra 1964 --

Sandra Bullock Biography PosterSandra Annette Bullock was born on July 26, 1964 in Washington D.C. to Mother, Helga (German opera singer) and Father, John (American voice coach). She was joined by Sister, Gesine, at age three. Sandra spent the first twelve years of her life living between Salzburg, Austria (during opera season) and Arlington, Virginia, as her mother's work required her presence in both cities. At the young age of eight, Sandra performed on stage for the first time, assuming the role of a gypsy child in a play with her mother. Helga claims that by the sixth grade, Sandra had already set her mind on acting. She acquired the scar on her forehead (above her right eye) after tumbling into a creek at age eleven.

Sandra, an above average student, attended Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA, where she joined the cheerleading squad. After being voted "Most Likely to Brighten Your Day" by her senior class, she graduated from WLHS in 1982.

Sandra pursued a higher education at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, where she enrolled as a drama major. Here she performed in Chekhov's Three Sisters, studying under the instruction of Don Biehn, who has fond memories of Sandra's performance and abilities.

Sandra Bullock (Real-Life Reader Biography)Following her endeavors at ECU (three credits short of graduating), Sandra moved to New York to study method acting, instructed by Sanford Meisner. She dishonestly attained a bartending job, and later fled to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Four years after leaving ECU without a degree, Sandra landed the starring role in the NBC sitcom Working Girl, which she later considered her "quickest flop". She also starred in Love Potion No. 9 as a psychobiologist. Although the movie didn't bring her any quick fame, it did bring her a three year relationship with Tate Donavan, her costar in the film. The ending of the relationship left Sandra emotionally damaged, but she has recovered well, claiming the two are "really strong soul mates." (Premiere, July 1996)

Sandra played the supporting role of a kidnapped victim in The Vanishing, a waitress in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, a "wannabe country singer" in The Thing Called Love  (for which she wrote and performed her own song entitled Heaven Knocking on My Door), and a futuristic street cop in Demolition Man, replacing Lori Petty (Tank Girl). It is this role which seemingly clinched her part as Annie, an "average 'girl'", in the 1994 box office smash Speed. In 1995, director Jon Turteltaub gave Sandra her first starring role as Lucy in While You Were Sleeping, this time replacing Demi Moore, for whom the part was originally intended. That same year, Sandra rocked the box office again as Angela Bennett in The Net.

1996 will bring $6 million to Sandra's door, starring as Ellen Roark in John Grisham's A Time to Kill. Sandra's '96 schedule also includes Two If By Sea (January 12), In Love and War, and Kate and Leopald, in which she will be the star of her first production.

Sandra's career is certainly booming. Since she was in sixth grade, she's had her mind set on acting. This is perhaps the secret to her success. She hasn't come this far in perfection, however, stating more than once lessons she has learned along the way. It is her "I want to do it ; I'm going to do it" attitude that's brought her so much success and fame. As nearly anyone who knows her will tell you, she doesn't have the "I'm famous" bug. When asked in an interview with 48 Hours, "Is it correct to call you a superstar?" Sandra responded, "No it's not." She refers to herself as an "actor who happens to be fortunately working a lot." She simply loves what she's doing, and does it best.

Joel Schumacher, director of A Time To Kill, sums it up well. "I've known Sandra for years. She's one of my favorite people on the planet. To know her is to love her."

Sandra's mailing addresses:
Sandra Bullock
C/O CAA 9830 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Production Year Character
Exactly 3:30 (DVD) (VHS) 2001  
Murder by Numbers (DVD) (VHS) 2001  
Miss Congeniality (DVD) (VHS) 2000 Gracie Hart
Famous (DVD) (VHS) 2000 Herself
28 Days (DVD) (VHS) 2000 Gwen Cummings
Gun Shy (DVD) (VHS) 2000 Judy Tipp
Forces of Nature (DVD) (VHS) 1999 Sarah Louis
Prince of Egypt (DVD) (VHS) 1998 Miriam (voice)
Practical Magic (DVD) (VHS) 1998 Sally Owens
Hope Floats (DVD) (VHS) 1998 Birdee Pruitt
Speed 2: Cruise Control (DVD) (VHS) 1997 Annie Porter
Making Sandwiches (DVD) (VHS) 1998 Melba Club
In Love and War (DVD) (VHS) 1996 Agnes von Kurowsky
A Time to Kill (DVD) (VHS) 1996 Ellen Roark
Two if by Sea (DVD) (VHS) 1996 Roz
The Net (DVD) (VHS) 1995 Angela Bennett
While you Were Sleeping (DVD) (VHS) 1995 Lucy Eleanor Moderatz
Speed (DVD) (VHS) 1994 Annie
Me and the Mob (DVD) (VHS) 1994 Lori
Demolition Man (DVD) (VHS) 1993 Lenina Huxley
Fire on the Amazon (DVD) (VHS) 1993  
The Thing Called Love (DVD) (VHS) 1993 Linda Lue Linden
The Vanishing (DVD) (VHS) 1993 Diane Shaver
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway (DVD) (VHS) 1994 Elaine
When the Party's Over (DVD) (VHS) 1993 Amanda
Love Potion No. 9 (DVD) (VHS) 1991 Diane Farrow
Jackie Collins' Lucky Chances (mini) (DVD) (VHS) 1990 Maria
A Fool and His Money (DVD) (VHS) 1989 Debby
Who Shot Patakango? (DVD) (VHS) 1989 Devlin Moran
Bionic Showdown: The Six Million
Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (TV)
1989 Kate
The Preppie Murder (TV) (DVD) (VHS) 1989 Stacy
Hangmen (DVD) (VHS) 1987 Lisa Edwards
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