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Electra, Carmen 1972 --
Carmen ElectraActress. Carmen was born Tara Leigh Patrick but later changed her name when the artist formerly known as Prince told her she looked like a Carmen after she signed with his record company. Her last name also changed and means a greek goddess. She was born on April 20, 1972 in White Oak, Ohio near Cincinatti. At age five she entered in and won her first dance contest. She went on to be in over 100 tap and ballet contests. She attended the School for Creativity and Performing Arts at age 9. She also went to Princeton High School in Sharonville. Click here to go to my Betcha' Didn't Know This page about Carmen Electra.Later on in her life she signed with Prince's music company Paisley Park Label and became one of his Protege's. Her first album was self-titled and she released a single Go-Go Dancer after many delays. The album never took off because of problems with executives. It was remixed and new tracks were added and finally released in July of 1992. Her video had came out in March 1992.

After that she occasionally appeared as a dancer in Prince's Glam Slam Clubs and also performed in front of the October 28 1996 MTV Rock N' Jock B-Ball Jam audience.Then she appeared in the May 1996 Playboy issue. She made a video called Cheerleaders for Playboy also. Then she got her big break when just three weeks after auditioning for Singled Out she was offered the job. On February 10 1997 she became Co-Host of Singled Out. Since then she has been in many TV and Movie appearances including Good Burger, Loveline, Baywatch, All That, Baywatch Nights and of course Singled Out. Click here to go her Accomplishments Page!She also had a relationship with one of the members of Cypress Hill, B-Real. He was producing her second album appropriately titled, Carmen Electra II.But after the break up who knows what happened to the album. Click here to check out more news on Carmen Electra.

Now she's shooting a calender by Landmark due out at the end of 1997. Can't wait for that one. She's also in the running to star in her own network primetime show. What the theme will be is still unknown but MTV Productions is testing her out in many different show genre's like Sitcom, Sketch Comedy, Drama, Etc.If you would like to get an autograph of Carmen Electra your best bet would be writing to this address below

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Production Year Character
Lil' Pimp (DVD) (VHS) 2002 (voice)
Naked Movie 2002 Herself
Rent Control (DVD) (VHS) 2002 Audrey
Whacked! (DVD) (VHS) 2002 Laura
Sol Goode (DVD) (VHS) 2001 Diesel Model
Get Over It (DVD) (VHS) 2001 Mistress Moira
Perfume (DVD) (VHS) 2001 Simone
Great White Dope, The (DVD) (VHS) 2000  
Won-G (DVD) (VHS) 2000  
Scary Movie (DVD) (VHS) 2000 Drew Decker
Cheerleaders (DVD) (VHS) 1999 Cheerleader
Modern Talking 1998/1999  (DVD) (VHS) 1999 Herself
Vacanze di Natale 2000 (DVD) (VHS) 1999  
Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, The (DVD) (VHS) 1999 Jenny Smith
Welcome to Hollywood (DVD) (VHS) 1998 Herself
Chosen One: Legend of the Raven, The  (DVD) (VHS) 1998 McKenna Ray/The Raven
Starstruck (DVD) (VHS) 1998 Iona Shirley
Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay  (DVD) (VHS) 1998 Lani McKensie
American Vampire Story, An (DVD) (VHS) 1997 Sulka
Good Burger (DVD) (VHS) 1997 Roxanne

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