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God Of War Video Game Collections

God Of War Video Game Collections

God of War is an award-winning, critically acclaimed, and best-selling action-adventure video game series loosely based on Greek mythology. Debuting in 2005, the series has become a flagship title for the PlayStation brand and the character Kratos is one of its most popular characters. The series consists of seven games across multiple platforms. Five of the games have been re-released through three separate compilations for the PlayStation 3 platform: the God of War Collection , the God of War: Origins Collection , and the God of War Saga . With the exception of God of War III in the God of War Saga, each collection features remastered ports of the games that were not originally released on the PS3. God of War: Betrayal, however, is the only installment that has not received this treatment.

Each collection was praised for how the games were remastered, as well as their price. IGN claimed that the God of War Collection was the "definitive way to play the game". The God of War Collection prompted Sony to make a new line of remastered games for the PlayStation 3 . Although the Origins Collection was criticized for its lack of new bonus content, IGN said that "Sony succeeded at making good games better." For the Saga, Digital Trends claimed it is "perhaps the best value buy for any console available."

ReceptionGod of War Collection received universal critical acclaim. IGN gave the game an "Editor's Choice" Award, praised the enhanced resolutions, lower price point and smoother frame rates, and stated it was the "definitive way to play the game". 1up.com noted the tremendous increase in visuals but said the in-engine cut-scenes appeared blurry. GamePro stated the collection is "two fantastic games on one disc for a low price; puts you in the right mindset for God of War 3." PlayStation LifeStyle (5/5) said "Those ... familiar with Kratos will enjoy the extra polish the Collection brings to two of the best games from the PS2 era." Due to the success of the God of War Collection, Sony announced that further titles would receive similar treatment for release under its new "Classics HD" brand. By June 2012, God of War Collection had sold more than 2.4 million copies worldwide.

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