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FIFA Street 3

FIFA Street 3

FIFA Street 3 is a video game for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS. It is the third game in the FIFA Street series. It was developed under the EA Sports BIG division of EA Sports, which is also responsible for such titles as SSX, NBA Street, NFL Street, and the FIFA Street games. Electronic Arts confirmed that a third FIFA Street game was being developed for next-generation consoles to be released in 2008.

The game uses the same engine from NBA Street Homecourt, while the AI from FIFA 08 is also utilized. Rather than lifelike simulation, the game's emphasis is on arcade-style fun and street football style tricks. The cover features Brazilian star Ronaldinho, English star Peter Crouch, and Italian star Gennaro Gattuso.

It is the last EA Sports BIG game before the studio's dissolution in 2008.

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