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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, originally released in Japan as Gundam Musou , is a video game based on the Gundam anime series. It was developed by Koei and published by Namco Bandai. Its gameplay is derived from Koei's popular Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. The "Official Mode" of the game is based primarily on the Universal Century timeline, with mecha from Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ appearing in the game, as well as a few units from Mobile Suit Variations Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket and Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory appearing as non-playable ally and enemy units. The "Original Mode" of the game also features mecha from the non-UC series Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and ∀ Gundam. A newly designed non-SD Musha Gundam designed by Hajime Katoki is also included.

The game was originally released on March 1, 2007 in Japan exclusively for the PlayStation 3 with the name Gundam Musou. A North American version was released on August 28, 2007, for both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 under the name Dynasty Warriors: Gundam with English localization by AltJapan Co., Ltd. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is the second next-gen Gundam game released in North America, following Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire. A Japanese Xbox 360 version was released in Japan on 10/25/2007 under the name of Gundam Musou International. Unlike the Japanese PlayStation 3 edition, Gundam Musou International features both Japanese and English voice overs.

An expanded port for PlayStation 2 called Gundam Musou Special was released on February 28, 2008 in Japan, featuring new scenarios and mobile suits.

On the first day of its release, the Japanese version (Gundam Musou) sold over a 100,000 copies, making it the first PS3 title to do so on its first day. Also, the game sold about 70 percent of its 170,000 -180,000 launch day shipments, making it rank third in overall sales after Ridge Racer 7 and Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire. Japanese game magazine Famitsu gave the game a total score of 33 out of 40.

English reviews have been either lukewarm or mixed with an average critic rating of 64% for the PS3 version and 60% for the Xbox 360 and Game Informer giving it a 5 out of 10. X-Play of G4 Tech TV Gave the game a solid rate of 3 out of 5 star, while GameTrailers.com gave the game 5.3 in average. Finally, IGN gave the game a score of 6.8 out of 10 and Eurogamer gave the game a score of 8 out of 10.

As of July 9, 2008, the game has sold 275,812 copies in Japan.

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