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Video Game Vintage Title Communist Mutants From Space

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Communist Mutants From Space

Communist Mutants From Space

Communist Mutants from Space was a video game created in 1982 by Starpath for the Atari 2600 home video game console and the Starpath Supercharger cassette accessory.

Communist Mutants From Space Gameplay

Communist Mutants from Space is a typical 1980s-era Space Invaders-inspired space shoot-em-up. The player starts off with three reserve cannons. The object is to destroy the mutants aliens and, most importantly, the Mother Creature. The mutants hatch from moving eggs at the top of the screen. Because the Mother Creature replenishes eggs when they hatch or are destroyed, it must be defeated before the player can advance to the next wave. If a mutant or a bomb thrown by a mutant comes into contact with the cannon, the cannon will be destroyed and a reserve must be called up. A new cannon is awarded on every other wave.

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