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Video Game Vintage Title Buzz!: Quiz World

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Buzz!: Quiz World

Buzz!: Quiz World

Buzz!: Quiz World, developed by Relentless Software, is the ninth game in the Buzz! series of quiz games. The game is available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles. It allows users to use question packs purchased for previous Buzz! games as well as supporting user created content and online play. Unlike the previous PSP Buzz!, Buzz: Quiz World (PSP) supports DLC. As with all previous Buzz games the game is available in a game only (Solus) version or in a bundle which includes 4 wireless Buzz! Buzzers and a USB dongle for wireless connectivity (each dongle can connect 4 buzzers to the PlayStation 3).

Quiz World features a mix of old and new round types. For example, one new round hides the answers and then slowly reveals them.

A new feature in Quiz World is player profiling and the host Buzz addressing the player by name, informing them of their abilities and record as a player.

Buzz!: Quiz World also supports PlayStation Home rewards that are rewarded by winning the prize after a round of Buzz!: Quiz World. It supports full game launching for PlayStation Home as well.

In late-March 2010, Sony and Relentless released a patch for Buzz!: Quiz World that added a feature to allow players to post to Facebook from within the game. According to the companies involved, this made the game the first in the world to offer such functionality. The patched Facebook features allow players to post details of the game session just played, including the in-game names of those who took part, and who won.

Question Types
Point Builder - Points are earned for correct answers, regardless on how quickly the answer is given.

Fastest Finger - Similar to Point Builder, but players are awarded different amounts of points based upon the order that correct answers are given.

Stop the Clock - Similar to Fastest Finger, but the amount of points earned is based upon how quickly correct answers are given

Pie Fight! - When a question is asked, the answers slowly appear, letter by letter. The first player to answer the question correctly gains control of a pie. Each player is sequentially target by a cross-hair and the pie is thrown at the highlighted player when the player controlling the pie buzzes, causing them to lose a life; each player has 2 lives. Points are awarded based on how long players were able to survive.

On the Spot - One player is chosen to answer a question. Then, after being shown a vague subject for the question, the other players vote on whether they think the main player will get the answer right. The answerer then scores more points if they answer against how the other players thought they would. The other players then win the points if they are right, and lose the points if they are wrong.

Pass the Bomb - A bomb with a fuse of unknown length is thrown to a player, they must answer a question correctly to throw it to the next player, incorrect answers will force them to keep it, wasting time. The player holding the bomb when it detonates, loses points. Three consecutive incorrect answers from the same player also causes the bomb to detonate.

Over the Edge - A vat of green goo is revealed below the floor. The answers to each question slowly appear, letter by letter. If the first player to answer the question answers correctly they don't move and every other player's podium rises one level. However if the first player to answer answers incorrectly, their podium rises one level. Once a player reaches the fifth level, they are flung into the slime, and eliminated. Points are awarded based on how long players were able to survive.

Boiling Point - In this round, each player answer questions, with a thermometer behind them. Each question they get right raises it one point higher and earns them points. The round ends when a player has correctly answered six questions, earning them bonus points.

Point Stealer - In this round, the first player to get the answer correct chooses a player to steal points from.

High Stakes - The players are shown the vague subject for each question. Each player then bets an amount of points on the question. If they answer correctly they win the gambled amount of points and lose that amount if they answer incorrectly.

The Final Countdown - The final round of the game. Each player's points are converted into time by raising their podium off the ground depending on how many points they've scored. When a question is asked, the podiums start to drop to the floor. The first player to answer correctly has their podium raised while the other correct answers just stop. Each wrong answer drops the podium slightly. The podiums lower more quickly as the round progresses. When a player hits the floor, they are eliminated from the game. The last player standing is the winner.

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