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Video Game Vintage Title Burning Wheels

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Burning Wheels

Burning Wheels

Burning Wheels is the second sequel of the Crash Time series, released on Q4 2008 and available for Xbox 360 and PC. It was made by Synetic Games and published by RTL Interactive.

Burning Wheels Plot

The story is about Semir Gerkhan and his new partner, Ben Jager, facing numerous cases such as going undercover as a participant in a street racing scene, undercover as an "errand boy" working for a Russian mafia (where Semir's Dodge Ram SRT-10 is almost pressed in a pressing machine), facing a mad man who keeps on threatening Semir and Ben with a remote-controlled drone with bombs attached, until simple cases such as arresting Gumball 3000 racers, police gathering, arresting a ship captain whose almost dump waste to the river.

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