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Video Game Vintage Title Bomberman: Act Zero

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Bomberman: Act Zero

Bomberman: Act Zero

Bomberman: Act Zero is an action video game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Konami for the Xbox 360 in 2006. It is noteworthy for its departure from standard titles in the Bomberman series; it features more realistic graphics and a dark, dystopian future setting.

Bomberman: Act Zero Gameplay

Bombermen are being built and must destroy each other in order to fight their way to the surface of the Earth and escape. Players can customize their character including their gender. The game is viewed from an overhead perspective like other Bomberman titles. The levels have a number of pillars throughout that require players' characters to navigate down hallways; there are sometimes obstacles in these paths that can only be destroyed by bombs. The bombs are also necessary to defeat opponents. An alternate mode called "First-Person Battle" where players view the action from behind the player-character and are able to maneuver the camera. In the standard mode, the Bomberman can be killed by a single bomb (including their own); in FPB mode, they are given a life meter and can take multiple hits. In both modes, the Bombermen can pick up different power-ups (including speed, bomb count, bomb strength, and bomb duration). Both modes last for 99 floors; if the player-character dies, players must restart from the beginning. The game features an online-only battle mode called "world battle" which supports up to eight players.

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