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Video Game Vintage Title Blood Drive

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Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Blood Drive is a vehicular combat video game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, developed by Sidhe, published by Activision, and released worldwide in November 2010.

Blood Drive Plot

Inspired by bloodsport gameshow concepts such as 'Death Watch' from Platinum Games MadWorld, cerebral zombie based fiction such as World War Z and the comical concept of humans and zombies learning to live together, Fido; Blood Drive uncommonly takes place in the aftermath decades of a zombie apocalypse.

Entertainers in the fictional desert city of Las Ruletas have stumbled upon a tourism goldmine with the advent of the titular death sport 'Blood Drive'. The desert gambling resort sees champion 'Blood Drivers' compete for glory using classic muscle cars fitted with spikes and guns. The aim is to stay alive inside a hostile zombie-infested environment while also attempting to destroy opponent vehicles.

Players are introduced during a growth period for the sport, enjoying enough success in the post-apocalypse to see its evolution into a televised game show, with larger than life celebrity contestants, vast derelict cities transformed into arenas and all the fortune and glory expected of such a gambling mecca.

Blood Drive Gameplay

The player controls a vehicle and has to kill other players, while being attacked by zombies. The game features six expanded arenas in total. Multiplayer supports up to four players. The player will control one of eight characters in a tournament, and will complete different types of events. The players objectives will occasionally change. There are six main events, which feature different goals. The player will also be able to race, and will be able to kill other racers. The player has access to pick-ups including weaponry, health, and speed boosts. Killing a large number of zombies will activate the player's Rage Powers.

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