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Video Game Vintage Title Blitz: The League II

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Blitz: The League II

Blitz: The League II

Blitz: The League II is an American football video game developed by the now-defunct Midway Games. as a part of its Blitz series. It was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 13, 2008. There are five new teams included in this installment (The Los Angeles Riot, the Houston Riders, Vancouver Beavers, Milwaukee Hounds, and Atlanta 404), and four older teams have been relocated. Lawrence Taylor (L.T.) is featured in the game, voicing a role as Quentin Sands.

The game also alludes to real-life scandals involving NFL players, as former Washington Redhawks quarterback Mike Mexico is now serving time in prison. This situation is similar to the Michael Vick, who used the pseudonym "Ron Mexico" when seeking treatment for herpes, as well as Vick's conviction for running an illegal dogfighting ring. There are also allegations of the New England Regulars cheating in a championship game, a reference to the New England Patriots' "Spygate" scandal. The game also features an incident with the Minnesota Reapers, reminiscent of the Minnesota Vikings boat scandal.

The game starts off during the league expansion. Two teams are joining the league. The first team is the player-created team in which the player may choose the place team name and team colors. The second team is the L.A. Riot. This team is the antagonist in the game and is led by Bruno Battaglia, the former player from the player-created team in Blitz: The League. The Riot are the commissioner's baby team and he has decided that they will win the championship this year. He has fortified this by starting the Riot in Division 2 and by stocking up the team with star players. The only player left to add to the Riot is the projected #1 draft pick Kid Franchise. But The Kid surprises the entire league when he announces that he will be playing for his home team and his home team only (the player-created team). This puts Franchise on the commissioner's bad side and immediately creates a rivalry between the player-created team and the LA Riot. Franchise is the only player in the league to play both on offense and defense. During a pre-season interview Franchise is asked many questions that will determine his position on both sides of the ball and his player attributes.

Division 3
Because there are a lot of teams the game will take place over 3 seasons (a season per division). The commissioner notices that he will need help to put away the player-created team so the Riot have an easy Championship victory, so he tells former New York Nightmare LB star, Quentin Sands to destroy any hope for the player-created team of advancing. After game 2 you will get Quentin Sands as a player on your team.The team must win at least 5 out of 7 division games to reach the division championship. The player-created team plays the Milwaukee Hounds and Conrad Damon. After the win in a cut-scene the game will show Quentin Sands spiking Franchises drink.
Division 2
Before the start of Division 2, Franchise is put in Milltown Correctional Facility because he "violated" the league's drug policy. Luckily Milltown Correctional Facility plays football as well. The warden tells Franchise that if he can lead Milltown to a win against rival Super Max Facility in their annual football game, then he will be released early (He also can't get injured in the game otherwise it's game over). Mike Mexico makes an appearance here. After defeating Super Max, Franchise returns to play for the player-created team getting ready for its season in Division 2. The player-created team is allowed to draft one team captain from Division 3 to play for them in Division 2. The Riot have made upgrades as well by adding former Cleveland Steamer Wide Receiver Justin Jonas to the team. Justin Jonas was a rookie that could have been picked by the player-created team for the first Blitz game. During a cut-scene Riot captain Bruno Battaglia informs Franchise that Quentin Sands spiked his drink and sent him to Milltown Correctional. This results in a brawl between Sands and Franchise and a feud that lasts throughout Division 2. Once again the player must win 5 out of 7 division games to enter the Division 2 championship. Surprisingly the Riot do not make it, and instead the Miami Hammerheads make it under MVP (unless Franchise or the captain you picked from Division 3 plays well) Julius Williams. After the win it is revealed that the Minnesota Reapers have been in a boat crash and have decided to fold. Therefore, another team besides the player-created team must advance into Division 1. And in a "random" drawing in the commissioners office the L.A. Riot will be the second team to advance into Division 1.
Division 1
During the off-season Karl Tiriptz, a Super Max Facility former captain joins the players-created team. The L.A. Riot, despite the controversial advance into Division 1, are favored to win the championship. They have added Washington Redhawks captain, and rookie QB from the former Blitz game, Clayton Wescott, Kelvin Diggs from the Kansas City Crossfire,and Kimo Talofa of the Atlanta 404. Once again the player needs to win 5 out of 7 games to reach the league championship. The Riot, however, go undefeated unless they are defeated by the player-created team. During division play the player-created team will face off with the New York Nightmare, Quentin Sands' former team. Before the game is played, Sands tells Franchise to forget what happened between them and work together to defeat his former team and win the league championship against the Riot. Franchise and Sands decide that they will also get back at the corrupt Commissioner. Sands offers the Commissioner to give him the captain spot on the L.A. Riot if he tells him important information (which is fake). The information is that Franchise has an injured Achilles tendon and will not be the same player on game day. The commissioner agrees and tells the other men in the room to buy stock on the Riot. Sands, however, records the entire conversation outside of the office. After defeating the L.A. Riot in the Division 1 championship the commissioner is arrested for insider trading, money laundering and extortion. Thus, ending the season for the player created team going from Division 3 to Division 1 and getting the League Championship.

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