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Video Game Vintage Title Assault (1983 Video Game)

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Assault (1983 Video Game)

Assault (1983 Video Game)

Assault is a shoot 'em up video game released in 1983, in the United States, by Onbase for the Atari 2600.

The player is presented with an alien mother ship, which continually deploys three smaller ships during play. The mother ship and the smaller vessels shoot at a weapon the player is in command of, and the player's aim is to eliminate the opposition while preventing the weapon from receiving enough fire to destroy it. The player uses a joystick to operate the game, and only one player at a time can play. The game program is stored on a cartridge.

ReceptionThe critical reaction to the game has been mixed. One reviewer, Keita Iida, marked the game as unoriginal, concluded that the gameplay is unimaginative, and described the graphics as "drab visuals". He also said that Assault is a rip-off of Galaxian. However, Iida opined that the game is better than some other Bomb products. Another reviewer gave the game a B+ grade, saying that it is a "little gem", justifying by noting that though he did feel it is a rip-off of Phoenix or Demon Attack, he believed it is fun and employs a good colour scheme.

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