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Video Game Vintage Title Armor Ambush

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Armor Ambush

Armor Ambush

Armor Ambush is a video game for the Atari 2600 produced by M-Network.


Armor Ambush is a game that gives players control over tanks that battle one another over terrain that offers varying degrees of texture and traversability. Dueling tanks was a theme familiar to owners of the Atari 2600 since Combat, the game packaged with nearly every Atari 2600 system, had a very similar premise. However, Armor Ambush expands upon the simple battles available to players of Combat. The field of battle occupies a region greater than the size of the screen. Additionally, players can drop mines on the battlefield by simultaneously pressing the fire button and pulling down on the joystick. The mines remain active for the duration of the battle, destroying either tank that runs over them. Players are able to control two tanks and switch between them on command. The terrain is more diverse, featuring areas of foliage, water, and natural barriers. There is also a single-player mode that allows a player to battle a computer-controlled opponent.

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