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The Selling & Buying of a Human Soul?

Many people feel that the buying and selling of human souls is demonic and I could not disagree with you more. A human soul is a commodity just like any other commodity. If an individual feels that he or she needs money then he or she will do whatever they need to get that money. Our society represses individuals and pushes them down. There are almost 40 million Americans who live below the poverty line. They are willing to do almost anything to get out of this poverty. Most do not have enough of an education to get ahead and even if they wanted to get one they could not because either they could not afford it or they do not have the mental capacity required to complete their education.

Many American women turn towards prostitution as a means of getting money. Do you call these women demonic because they are selling their bodies as a commodity to the highest bidder? No, you understand that they do so as a means of survival.

When drug companies create a new drug they need to do many years of testing before they can get FDA approval to sell this drug on the market. First they have to test it on lab animals, and then they have to test it on humans. They pay humans between $200 and $1000 to be human guinea pigs for these new drugs. Imagine that, people will allow themselves to be injected with new drugs without knowing the possible dangers of side effects for a mere $200. Do you call the humans demonic for doing this? Do you see the drug companies as demonic for injecting these people with these drugs? No.

Do you think that George Bush is demonic because he went into Iraq and killed thousands of innocent Iraqis and thousands of innocent American military personel? No, because he told you he was doing it in the name of freedom.

Many people don't even believe that a soul means anything. They see it as a naming convention used in society as a way of repressing the masses and forcing them into submission. They see the word as nothing more than a meaningless definition by the church to keep us in line. Why wouldn't these people sell their soul especially considering that a human soul is a valuable commodity and can easily reach upwards of $1000 in today's market.

Obviously, due to its value as a commodity their are many people who feel the word is a powerful definition of what makes up a human being. I am not here to say who is right and who is wrong. All I am saying is that I see nothing wrong with the buying and selling of human souls and WonderClub Enterprises is simply acting as a conduit to make these transactions happen, much the same way that eBay acts as a conduit for the buying and selling of tangible items.

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