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Once you purchase a soul you will be mailed a booklet containing all of the information pertaining to your soul. It will include an autobiography of the soul purchased as well as an affidavit signed by both the soul and WonderClub Enterprises which authenticates the validity of the soul as well as all transfer of the rights of the soul to you, the purchaser.

The seller of the soul must provide a legible copy of a photo ID which includes a picture of the soul and their birth date because all souls must be over 18 years old. A copy of this ID will NOT be provided to the buyer. We use it for verification purposes only.

The soul must also provide a telephone number with area code so that we can speak to the seller of the soul and verify their details. The buyer of the soul will not receive the telephone number of the seller. However, the seller of the soul can decide whether or not they want to provide their e-mail address to the buyer for possible contact in the future.

The affidavit that the soul must sign reads like this:
I, ______________________________ (name) agree to sell my soul to a third party with WonderClub Enterprises acting as an intermediary. I am aware that my soul is an intangible part of my person and I am comfortable with the sale of my soul. I realize that a human being has only one soul and I swear that I have never sold my soul to anyone prior to this sale and I swear that I will not try and resell it a second time in the future.

Signed by: ________________________________________
Countersigned by WonderClub Enterprises: _______________
Witnessed by: _____________________________________
Today's Date: _____________________________________

We will not allow any fraudulent use of our system and we will take all appropriate measures to prevent it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by clicking here.