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Escape From Eden - Buffalo Jigsaw Puzzle

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Escape From Eden

Title:    Escape From Eden
Pieces: 515

Size:     Height = 19.5 inches
             Width = 17.5 inches

Manufacturer: Buffalo
Item Number: 801

A diabolically difficult puzzle! As a trapped explorer, you'll need to build the puzzle to unwind your way through a forest labyrinth to escape. But the solution isn't easy! There's only one way out, and several pitfalls await the over-eager escapist! Since all of the pieces to this puzzle are identically shaped, and can fit with any other piece, you'll need to be extra careful! There's only one solution to the puzzle, and until you find it, you won't be able to escape! Voted "Best" Puzzle of the Year, by Games Magazine.

Only by figuring out these cunning 515 piece diagonally cut maze puzzles will you be able to survive before you are... Lost in a Jigsaw. There is only one way out, and it will take all of your cunning and logic to escape. Before your perilous journey home, you must assemble the very maze you're trapped within!

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